Does thinking about self-care, stress you out? Does thinking about getting time to yourself create anxious feelings for you? Most likely it’s because you are thinking of self-care in one-dimensional terms. This means you are viewing self-care as a one-day special event instead of a daily act of self-love.

I know that thinking about self-care can be overwhelming. Especially when you are handling multiple responsibilities on a daily basis.

When I learned how to use the five foundations of self-care it helped to make self-care seem more attainable.

It’s my mission to have as many moms as possible know and believe that self-care can work for them. Here is a summary of the five self-care foundations for you to use in your daily life.

  1. Foundational Feelings. Your foundational feelings are the way that you want to feel at the end of the day. These feelings are the guiding force behind the type of day you create. Knowing how you want to feel, keeps you from getting wrapped up in O.P.P. Other People’s Priorities.
  2. Creating a Plan. Once you know how you want to feel it’s time to create some goals around things that will help you to achieve those feelings. Creating a plan for your day or life is vital to your self-care. It helps you to manage your energy and keeps you on task.
  3. Time Mastery. Getting the most use out of a day is the ultimate act of self-care. Time mastery isn’t about time but about mastering your emotions, boundaries, planning and distractions. Keeping those items in check will keep you focused.
  4. Enforcing the Line. Applying your boundaries is much easier when they are clear, consistent and a compassionately set. There is only an issue in applying boundaries when we aren’t clear on our why.
  5. Time Out. This is the part of self-care that everyone is familiar with. You can’t create effective timeout if you don’t know how you want to feel, don’t have a plan, aren’t mastering your time, and aren’t consistent with boundaries.

Which one of these foundations do you need to learn more about? If you are looking for a community of moms to support you along the way join me and my community of supermoms on Facebook. I’m there daily with tips, resources, and coaching to help you live the five foundations now.

If you’re done chasing time and ready for time to work with you. Grab my Supermom Secrets guide to time mastery. Four tips to help you become a time alchemist and begin creating the life you want.

Until Next Time
Peace Love + Recovery


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