Tis the season for setting goals while totally ignoring all the ish you never finished. Goal setting can remind you of how far you’ve come. It can also remind you of all the misfit goals you’ve forgotten.

We tend to skip over the reflection of goals past because we don’t want to think about what we haven’t done, just about what’s next. I want to tell you that skipping over reflection of your previous goals is a HUGE mistake. 

Setting goals without reflection of goals past will lead you to setting goals that don’t serve you as well as making the same mistakes over and over. 

You need to reflect not harp and beat yourself up over the misfit goals of years past. But use them to realize where your gaps are and perhaps tweak your plan. 

I had a goal that I had carried around for 3 years! I would start of the year strong and by mid-year I would totally get distracted and move onto something  else. 

Today I’m going to share with you the 3 things that held me back and how I conquered them to finally reach that goal.

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Setting Goals is Easy to Do

I had become a pro at creating goals. I would sit down each year and craft these fabulous goals and direct others to do the same. My vision board for those goals were legandary and you would think with a formula like that, that I was a goal achieving machine.

But I wasn’t.

Some goals I found myself crushing in a short span of time. I would stay focused on and fly through them with ease. Others I would start off strong and my focus and work would wane as time progressed.

What was the difference between the two goals? Why wasn’t I reaching all of my goals with ease? What was I doing differently that made me go hard and achieve some and totally bomb on others?

Here’s what I discovered….

It wasn’t the goal that was the problem it was me. There were a couple of different things that I was doing with the reached goals that I wasn’t doing with the ones left behind. 

setting goals

Ironically it wasn’t the big things you might be thinking about:

✅ Having my goal posted

✅ Looking at my vision board daily

Nope it wasn’t that stuff, see I thought that I could achieve the larger goals soley on my own and that I could hold myself accountable.

But for me with the larger more paradigm shifting goals I found I needed accountability and support. And it couldn’t be a free group where everyone was struggling like me I needed to get into some higher level accountability with someone to guide me through the process.

Setting Goals is easy and often times fun. You get to sit down and write out all the stuff you wanna create in the new year. You get to spend hours dreaming of your best life in action. Hell setting goals is almost a romantic experience. 

I don’t know about you but I often leave my goal setting sessions joyous and full of hope. It’s not until you hit the realness of executing the goal you’ve planned that your mindset starts playing tricks on you.

You begin to think of all the ways it won’t work. You keep telling yourself

🔴 “I’ll start when”

🔴 “It’s only January I can pick this up 2 quarter and still make it”

Then before you know it it’s December 1 and you’re trying to make a mad dash to manifest ish you done put off all year.

Now I want you to breathe because that doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t make  you stuid and it definitely doesn’t make you a fuck up. But what it does make you is a human that needs support.

setting goals


Setting Goals: My top 3 barriers to goal achievement

Each of us has our own kryptonite when it comes to manifesting our goals. But I find that no matter what yours are they seem to nestle into these 3 categories:

🎯 Mindset

🎯 Follow up & Follow Through

🎯 Accountability & Support

Mindset setting goals

Mindset is the pillar to all of your achievements and failures. At some point your mindset plays a role in whether you keep trying or if you give up on the first round. Your mindset is the difference between you seeing the options or thinking that there’s only one way to get something done. 

Mindset often stops our goal achieving process because of:
📕 Worry

📕 Doubt

📕 Fears

📕 Lack of knowledge

Often our story around achieving that goal is stronger than our desire to achieve it. So how do we support and shift our mindset to one that supports us?

🔖 Books

🔖 Workshops

🔖 Mastermind groups

🔖 Podcasts

And the list goes on.

You must support your mindset on a daily basis. This is not a one book, one podcast and you’re set for life. Supporting your mindset is a daily practice that you must be committed to in order to reach your desired goals. 

I’m sharing some of my mindset tools in the resources below. 

Follow up & Follow through 

setting goals

This is where you start working toward a goal, and something doesn’t go as expected and you stop. Either you get scared, you hit a road bump, or your plan wasn’t sound and it causes you to slow down or suspend your work.

The follow up and follow through barrier is also connected to mindset. When setting goals we often have this belief that we can do anything. That gets smashed as we get into action. Here’s why I think this happens.

☑️ We don’t believe at our core that this something we can accomplish

☑️ We haven’t created a plan or supports to get there

☑️ We don’t have the knowledge we need to take the next steps

You can increase your follow up and follow through rate of success by

  • Learning as much as you can about your goal – if your goal is to earn $5000 in coaching income each month you need to learn all you can about coaching effectively, how to create the systems and processes to support you
  • Work on your mindset – create affirmations that support the goal, begin visualizing and seeing your goal as already complete.
  • Get the support and accountability you need. – for many of us using family and friends as accountability should only be one piece of the puzzle. In order to get the results you desire you will often need to connect yourself to a coach or mentor who gets it and knows how to keep you grounded and motivated.

Accountability and Supportsetting goals

The need for support is also a mindset block. As women we often think we should already “know” something or if we ask for help we’re weak. So we suffer in silence feeling not enough or like something is wrong with us. 

When what we really need as a bomb ass coach, mastermind group, or mentor to help us navigate our goal path. Remember that with coaches and mentors it’s not a one size fits all, AND if someone tells you they can be your everything RUN!!

Think about the area of your life or the goal that needs the most support and find someone to help you navigate the journey. 

If you’ve found that you’ve struggled with one goal for longer than you’d like then I got just what you need.

That’s why I created the Get Yo’ Life Squad.

It’s a space for entrepreneurial moms to gain clarity on how to maximize their time, energy, & focus. 

Click the button below to be taken to the squad. You don’t have to do it alone, support is waiting for you.

setting goalsWhat do you find your largest goal achieving block to be? 

Share what’s up in the comments below, I love learning from my peeps and I love supporting their growth.

Until Next Time

Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business 



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Psycho-Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz

7 Simple Mindset Hacks – Stacie Walker – https://www.staciewalker.com/blog/confidence-formula

7 Steps to Set Goals Like a Boss


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