What do you do when your brain feels like all the things are rushing in at one time? If you’re anything like me, you find yourself getting into even more tasks that take you further and further down the rabbit hole of confusion.

Before you know it, you are wrapped up in more ish to do and feeling even more overwhelmed and confused than when you started. This pattern is wasting your time and draining your energy faster than a two-year-old having a meltdown.

Before I get into the three ways not being clear is wasting your time and keeping you overwhelmed, I’m going to share what not being clear looks like. You might think you are clear because you have a to-do list or daily schedule, but neither of those are great indicators of clarity in your life.

Here’e what not being clear looks and feels like:

  • Always feeling like you’re putting out fires.
  • Even though you have a to-do list or daily schedule, you feel short on time
  • Your day has more to do than time to do it in

Now that you know what not being clear looks like, let’s dig into how it drains you of your precious time and energy.

  1. Everything feels urgent and important all the time – This feeling leads you to try and do all the things, and it drains your energy faster than a new iPhone update drains your battery. It keeps you confused and anxiety driven.
  2. You never know where to start – This leads to not starting a thing at all. This is when you find yourself doing non-essential ish trying to find the motivation to start.
  3. You are busy and overbooked – This is when you find yourself randomly engaging in a task because “you feel like you need to be doing something”, this leaves you exhausted . Also, you find yourself running from task to task without a moment to spare always running late and always feeling like “if only I had more time”.

So, how does one go about getting clear without making it more stressful and overwhelming than it already feels?

Clarify Simply Organize

Get clear about what’s going on right now in this holy instant and make it plain. Don’t be afraid of taking the day or a few hours to get clear. Getting clear always pays off in the end.

Next, simplify your actions, set boundaries, delegate or stop doing a thing.

Lastly, organize your day in a way that helps you stay clear and on task, showing you what really needs to be done and leaving space for you to breath and enjoy life.

If you have discovered you really aren’t as clear about your life as you thought, the time to get clear is now.

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