Harnessing the power of my intuition has been one of  my largest challenges. By nature I am an analytical being.  I love charts, graphs and reports to make decisions. In fact my husband calls me a chess player, always calculating my next best move. This concept of feeling into things is a relatively a new one for me but when I use it the results are epic. 

Feeling into decisions is completely against my paradigm of thinking my way through everything. Just so we’re clear here’s what using your intuition is NOT: 

  • It’s not about sitting back and not taking action 
  • It’s not about giving into low level feelings 
  • It’s not about not thinking at all. 

The reason I had such an issue with intuition was because I thought it was about being totally “woo-woo” and ultra-spiritual.  But what it is about is using mind and spirit together to flow. It’s not that you’re leaving your brain behind it’s about using spirit to enhance your “Thinky Girl” power.  


Why Your Intuition is One of Your Most Valuable Assets 

Your intuition is your “spidey senses” it’s your power of discernment. It’s that still small voice inside that gently nudges you to take the next steps. 

Knowing how and when to listen to your inner voice is one of your most powerful business allies. Here are three ways it can help you make your best life and business decisions. 


  1. It’s going to keep you away from situations that don’t serve you – Have you ever noticed that the times you get “into trouble” is when you ignore that small still voice inside of  you? Learning how to tap into the power of your intuition keeps you away from the decisions that will take you down the wrong path. 
  2. It helps to increase your self-confidence – The more you listen to yourself the more you begin to trust in your own abilities to be great. Your intuition is God given confidence booster. When you believe in yourself the world is yours to conquer. 
  3. It helps you to be more emphatic and compassionate –  Listening to your intuition not only helps you be more emphatic and compassionate with others but  also with yourself. You begin to be more present in your life and noticing the small signs that others miss. Tuning into your intuition will help you be a better entrepreneur, parent, and overall human.  


How You Can Tell if It’s Intuition or Ego 

When you’re just getting started in this following your intuition game it’s hard to know how to discern if what you’re hearing is your intuition or your ego. That often leaves you in limbo when making a decision because you you’re not sure if you’re making the right one. 

This week I’m sharing a fabulous post from my mentor Bob Proctor on how to know if you’re hearing your intuition or your ego. In it he shares four ways you can tell the difference between your intuition and ego and two ways you can begin to develop your intuitive abilities. 

Click below to learn more about your intuition and how to use it. 

The Difference Between Intuition and Ego - Proctor Gallagher Institute

A common question I get from clients and at seminars is, "How can I tell the difference between my ego and my intuition?" The answer is it takes practice. Because, as A Course in Miracles teaches us, the ego speaks first and loudest.

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