I don’t know about you but when I first got a concept of self care I imagined days sleeping in, being on a beach without my kids, going to the spa for the full body 

But the reality wasn’t that, my money and time where funny if I had the money I didn’t feel like I had the time or if I had the time I never seemed to have the money.

Then you got these folk telling you that you can have an hour of power or these lengthy meditation sessions..child I don’t know about you but my life often doesn’t have the bandwidth to indulge in lengthy am self care practices that these gurus put out.

So what do you do when you feel like you can’t do anything, you don’t do anything.

Are you feeling self-care stuck? Share in the comments section below if you are feeling self-care stuck. Like you’d love too but you can’t see a way how.

unconventional self care tips for entreprenuial special needs moms

Well be stuck no more did you know there are ways to maintain your sanity even without going to the spa.

Now don’t get it twisted I am in no way saying cancel your appointments that would be crazy.

These 5 things are actions you can take daily without extra planning or worrying about how they will fit into your already crazy busy life.


Say no – Ask yourself, “Self how many times do I say yes to things that don’t align with my life and exhaust me?” Give me a hand raise or yes girl in the comments below if you find yourself saying yes to ish outta obligation or that you feel it’s expected of you. If that’s the case you might wonder “how can saying no be a form of self care”, well here’s how.
When you say no to something that’s not in alignment with or conducive to how you want your life to look and feel you get pack up overwhelm and unpack joy.
Follow my rule…fast no, slow yes.

unconventional self care tips for entreprenuial special needs moms


Ask for help – How often do you plan or just do things on your own without even thinking of how you can incorporate your tribe in the process?

Are you telling yourself, “it would take too long to teach them or I can go faster on my own?”

Those are all lies, You have to start looking at the full picture. Sure on the front end showing your kids how to clean the kitchen or your husband how to order groceries can feel like a major waste of time, but it’s not.

When you use the power of your tribe to support you take some of the pressure off you and share the load.

Nothing says “I love me” more than watching your hubby make frozen waffles and hot dogs so that you can rest or work on that bomb ass business idea.

unconventional self care tips for entreprenuial special needs moms


Accept help when it’s offered – how often does someone help you to do something and you say no?

Give me a hand raise or a “yes girl that’s me” in the comments below if you tend to say no whenever assistance is offered.

It could be something small like taking your plate to the kitchen to something big like doing a load of laundry.

Being able to receive support when it is offered is a huge act of self-care, you’re affirming your self worth PLUS you’re allowing others to bless you and step in to support you.

unconventional self care tips for entreprenuial special needs moms


Do something fun – I know you bout yo business and about getting things done but damn could you crack a smile every now and again?

What hobbies do you have, what is one thing that you love to do that you know will bring you joy.

Share in the comments below what hobby you’re going to ramp up or start up.

Stepping into fun allows you to escape and be intentionally present.

unconventional self care tips for entreprenuial special needs moms


Saying yes – Now hold up Charmaine…didn’t you just tell me that saying no is a form of self care?

This is about saying yes to the things that fuel your soul. Be it a long-lost hobby, sleeping in on Saturday, or not hosting Thanksgiving dinner choosing more activities that support you.

Let’s keep this conversation going..share in the comments below what your largest challenge with self-care is…

I’m listening and am here to support you toward your next best moves.

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Well girl, it’s time to take action, you can listen to YouTube vids all day to get “motivated” or you can start taking action right were you stand.

The only way to eliminate the stress and overwhelm you feel in your day is to take clear intentional action.

I’ll talk to you later girl…Bye


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