Creating a task list can feel like a true pain in the ass, especially if you’re not jazzed about the tasks that are on there.

How does a mom go from having her to-do list feel like a got to, to getting it to feel like a get to?

Today I am sharing my time mastery framework and how to apply it to your daily task to give you some immediate relief.

Inside today’s video you will learn:

  • Why knowing how you want to feel is important and how it helps you create more feel good days
  • How do determine what should be on your to-do list in the first place
  • How to connect a why to your daily list to help you connect to the items on your list
  • How to create¬† your daily hustle and get your day moving

Below are the links to the other resources I talk about in today’s vlogcast.

Task List Tango – My three step process to breaking down your to-do list so only the most important things make it on your list daily.

Foundational Feelings – What they are and how they can help you achieve your goals

The Desire Map Book + Goal Creation System – Danielle LaPorte *This is an affliate link :-)*



Let Me Know:

Which step made you tingle + and squirm just a bit? Where do you feel like you need the most support? Let me know your answer below I would love to see how I can celebrate, support, or serve you. If you’re a mompreneur (or a mom period) +¬† want more, fly on over to my Facebook Time Benders Group to join the party!

Love, Hugs, + Hella Cool Plans

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