There are so many articles, videos and blog posts about time management strategies for entrepreneurial moms. From what to do and how to schedule there is a plethora of information  to go through. This overload will cause  you to hyperventilate from all the info being thrown your way.

You see the way to manage time is via managing your energy, not by managing how you place task in your daily action plan. 

This week I’m sharing some awesome energy management tips from one of my favorite learning sources Kate Northrup.

Her books Do Less and Money a Love Story have changed my life for the better by showing me how to rock my divine femine energy to create a life that works. 

This blog post I’m sharing from Kate shares the three proven time management strategies every female entrepreneur needs now.Trust me if you’re not using at least one of these in your day you’re sure to find more stress than space.

Spacious: 3 Proven Time Management Strategies Every Female Entrepreneur Needs Now - Kate Northrup

I was walking down the sidewalk in the West Village with my girlfriend Terri Cole complaining about something someone had asked me to do. I really had my panties in a wrinkle about it and was feeling all righteous about my time and how their request was an infringement on it.

time management strategies for entrepreneurial moms

Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurial Moms: The Energy Foundation

Remember time management is all about energy management. So how does one manage her energy to get the most out of her time each day?

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Most of our energy wasting comes because we’re not clear or because we’re afraid to make a move.

Fear wastes just as much time and energy as lack of clarity does.

You won’t create your blog posts because you don’t feel like you have enough time to make progress. You don’t meditate or spend quality time with your family because you don’t feel like you know the right things to do.

All of those are fear based thoughts, thoughts wrapped in a lack mindset.

Managing your time well is going to require you to use your energy in a way that serves your greatest good, and EVERYTHING is energy. Our thoughts, words and actions are energy that either support us or hold us back.

time management strategies for entrepreneurial moms

Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurial Moms: The Basics

Here are three additional ways that you can learn how to manage your energy to get the most effective use of your time.

✅ See the possibilities – Being “real” and pessimistic are energy drainers. Have you ever noticed when going down a worm hole of negative time seems to work against you? 

✅ Create space – Create space for transition in your daily action plan. When you have tasks scheduled back to back it doesn’t allow your brain or body the space to reset.

✅ Work in sprints – Almost like creating space, working in sprints means that you won’t be working on any task beyond a certain time. This keeps you from getting fatigued and keeps you fresh to see the possibilities and use your energy on a task in the best way possible.

I know you’re ready to stop chasing the clock and I got just what you need.

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Over to you

How are you allowing your energy to negatively impact your relationship with time?

Think about that and pop your answer in the comments below. I would love to hear your challenge and how I can help. 

Until Next Time

Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business


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