I have spoken to multiple moms of special needs kids and I’ve come to the conclusion that time management doesn’t work for us. Here’s why time management doesn’t work for special needs moms, we never have enough time for it to work. 

This is a 3 part series, part one is today and it is the foundation to ending your procrastination.

I bet every day for you feels like a choice between working on your business or doing for your family and no matter what choice you make it makes you feel like you are f’n up big time.

Either you’re feeling like you’re completely neglecting your mom duties or that you’re light years behind in your business.

time management doesn't work

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Every day you feel like you are dropping the ball and that sucks.

So what do you think is holding you back?

I bet your answer is “I just need more hours in the day to get it all done”

I know what you’re going though, as a full time mom of 2 kids with quirks wife of one with a 9-5 and a business I know how it feels to feel like time isn’t on my side and that if I just had one more hour then I could get everything in order.

I know you want a way to get all the things done while maintaining your energy and sanity.

I know you want to stop feeling like you’re the only person in your house that can do the simple tasks that keep your house moving.

I can help you do all that PLUS SOME

time management doesn't work

One of my clients had the exact same issue when she started working with me.

She had tasks everywhere she was running businesses ALONE and always felt hella mom guilt because she never felt like she was spending enough quality time with her family.

The first thing I had her do was break down what was going on in her life right now.

Now lets pause right here….

Many coaches and programs don’t invite you to look at the real real of the mess you’re in now, they take you right to the pretty and shiny of what you want..they take you into the fantasy of what you want.

Taking an honest look at the mess you’re in forces you to be honest with yourself and set goals that are in alignment with that.

It’s not saying you can’t dream big but it actually removes that overwhelm that comes from dreaming big when it’s not in alignment with your life.

time management doesn't work

So Anna broke down all that was going on in each of her life areas in this holy instant and what she discovered surprised her.

The life areas that she thought where doing so well, per her measure really weren’t, they were actually hanging on by a thread which explained why she was using so much time and energy trying to keep the facade up.

See the largest reason why you can’t get shit done daily is not because you don’t know what to do or your ain’t got focus…girl it’s strictly because you keep trying to do new ish on old worn out foundations.

So what happens is that you’re always trying to play “catch up” and then it NEVA feels like you have enough time and like you’re always chasing the clock.

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Girl I hear you, see you and I”m ready to support you through this.


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I’m listening and am here to support you toward your next best moves.

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Well girl, it’s time to take action, you can listen to YouTube vids all day to get “motivated” or you can start taking action right where you stand.

The only way to eliminate the stress and overwhelm you feel in your day is to take clear intentional action.

I’ll talk to you later girl…Bye


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