This post will take you out of the time management vortex. If you’re trying to manage time you will always feel like you’re  trying to catch up. Today I’m sharing three quick ways you can tame your out of control day.

Let me share a bit of my story with crazy days.

Everytime I would look at my daily action plan I would hyperventilate. I just knew that writing down what I needed to to was pointless. So each day I felt as if a 10,000 pound gorilla was sitting on my chest. There was so much to do and not enough time. Just as I would get one thing done another urgent item would pop up and I was back at the beginning all over again.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so I’ve got what you need to help forget time management and get back on track.

time management

3 Ways to Ignore Time Management

 1. Stop and Breathe

I know that stopping when life seems to be going fast feels counterintuitive. I still get a little panicked when I do it, because it feels like stopping will set me back. Here’s what I know for sure, stopping for even five minutes to breathe and reset give me more clarity and focus.

If you can’t tell when you’re getting overwhelmed until you’re overwhelmed set timers to stop at different points in your day. This will keep you from burning out and giving up.

Also, learn how to stop and breathe when you transition between activities. This will allow you to clear the old activity before engaging with the new. I get that sometimes with kids transitioning isn’t always available, so be sure to take time to breathe at the next available moment.

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2. What’s Really Important?

The next step is to ask yourself “What’s really important?” Take a look at your current daily action plan and ask yourself what really must be done that day. If you’re honest with yourself your list will reduce greatly.

Break your daily action plan down into three parts:

  • Urgent and important – these are things that must get done today by you.
  • Important not Urgent – these are items that need to get done this week but not today, and they can be delegated.
  • Not urgent not important – these are items that are not taking you closer to a goal and don’t fit in with your overall life plan for the week. These tasks can also be delegated.

time management

3. Reset your Plan

Once you have these items make sure your UAI (urgent and important) list is no more than 5 items and allow the rest of the items to be fillers. Your daily action plan should have no more than 10 items each day. The only items that end up on your daily action plan should be items that you need reminding off, not items that you habitually do.

Resetting your plan will allow you to engage with your day from a renewed space.


time management

Time Management: Final Thoughts

It’s not hard to get control of your day. Sometimes life gets out of our control and we need to regroup so we don’t sink.  If you follow these three steps you will be sure to gain control of your day so that you can finish strong.

My goal was to help you see how you can turn practically any day around by adding three simple steps into your day. They won’t take long in fact it should take you about 15 minutes to get this done, that’s only 5 minutes per step.

Don’t say you don’t have time to get this done I won’t allow you to use that excuse. Instead tell yourself that you’ll give 15 minutes to get clear for 2 hours of being clear. If you never take the time out to do the work you’ll continue to feel like each day you’re running in a  hamster wheel, going nowhere fast.

As you go through this exercise begin to notice and journal your strong and weak life areas. The strong areas are the ones that can function on their own. The weak life areas are the ones that are always on fire and need immediate attention often.

Get to the weak areas so you can begin to build them up. The stronger your whole life is the less you’ll encounter out of control schedules.

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Over to You

Can you see how to use these steps in your day? Share in the comments section below how you will begin to use these steps to gain control of your crazy days.


Until Next Time

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