Hey, mama’s what’s up? Happy New Year or whenever you are catching this video. I am kicking off this season with a series to help you gain more clarity in your life. See, you’re trying to set all these goals for this new season of your life, but you ain’t really clear about what’s going on from the old season of your life. So if you’re ready to create goals, intentions, resolutions, whatever you wanna call ’em girl that actually gets done and feel good at the end, I want you to grab your ear butts in a pen because I am about to go in.

What’s up, it’s ya girl Charmaine and welcome to today’s episode of The Charmed Life. On this channel I aim to support entrepreneurial moms of color that have kids with special needs to help them to create the time, energy and focus they wanna feel in their life. Now, if this sounds like something that you are down with, subscribe, share comment, and click that little be to being sure that you are notified when the next video drops.

Now let’s get into creating clarity around your life and goals. See ladies clarity is queen, so often we think we are clear because we know we have a lot of ish in our head that needs to, to be done. Really, the only thing that you’re clear about is that there’s a lot of ish on your calendar that needs to be done. You’re not even clear about how you want to feel, why you’re going after that thing, how the things that you’re doing are actually supporting your whole end game. You just know that, you’re doing stuff because it keeps coming up and you have to handle it.

squash overwhelm in the new year

​Squash Overwhelm in the New Year: How to Start

I did an earlier video where I talked about this whole process of setting goals and not being clear. And I wanted to take some time and create this series to dig just a little bit deeper.

So each part of this series is going to have,  I’m gonna dig it deeper into each one of these steps that it’s gonna take you to create these clear goals. And this is the first one. If you only did this one thing, I absolutely guarantee you that the goals you begin to set will begin to have a new meaning and have new life. You will be able to create goals from a space of alignment and authenticity and not just based off of, what you  think you need to do. 

Let me tell you a little brief story about how I got into all of this and how I even used this with my clients. Like many of you, when I started setting goals, it was just based off of things.

I want you, you know, you go to these vision board parties and they’re like, oh my God, what do you want? What do you wanna create in your life? And so they start you off from that point. And probably like many of you, I was creating these vision boards that had cars and houses and you know, it, it was going for all of the material, things that I desired, not saying that going after material stuff is wrong, cuz trust me, your girl loves her bags and shoes.

So not saying that that’s wrong, but what ends up happening when you go after your goals, just from a material space and not really digging down to see what’s going on and you know how your wants can align with where your life is, what happens? You end up creating these goals that are what I call empty orange goals.

So have you ever had a orange and you look at it and it looks delicious and you’re like, oh my God, I can’t wait to eat it. And so you open it up and it smells orangey and you’re really excited. And you peel that first segment off and see the juice pop. You’re like, yes, it’s juicy and delicious. And you bite into that biatch, and it tastes like water. That’s what happens when you set goals without doing this first step. What happens is you create goals, you work for ’em, you know, and then it gets to the deadline and when you reach it,it feels like that orange that tastes like water. You’re exhausted, you don’t feel fulfilled, you don’t feel like the thing that you went for even mattered, but just that you, again, just checked something off of your to-do list.

So this first step is we’re gonna be talking about life areas. Now, when I work with my clients, we go over six life areas. But for the sake of your attention span and not making you look like a deer caught in headlights at the end of the video, I’m gonna touch on the top three. The three that when I work with moms, they struggle with the most. These are the three deepest areas, but let me tell you what all six are:

Six Major Life Areas:

  • Business/Career
  • Family & Friend Relationships
  • Love Relationships
  • Health & Wellness
  • Learning
  • Finances

So the top three we’re gonna be talking about today are:

  • Finances
  • Family
  • Business

Those are the top three. Most women. When I speak to them, there is a push goal somewhere in those top three, meaning that once I get this done, it’s gonna have a domino effect and push all of the other goals forward. I find again that the push goal, the goal that kind of changes the trajectory of everything is within those first three, your business, your family, and your money.

Squash Overwhelm in the New Year: How It’s Done

So let’s dig into those a little bit deeper and about how you can get really clear about what’s going on in those areas, so that the goals you create for them are really in alignment with where you are now and where you’re going. Here’s why knowing where you are now is so important.

Ladies, have you ever worked with a coach? And they’re like, oh my God, set big goals, go for the gusto. And you do that. What happens is because that goal is so out of alignment with where your self-image is now it becomes overwhelming. This makes you want to give up and quit because it’s just so overwhelming.

And so then the stories you tell yourself are:

  • I don’t complete my goals.
  • I can’t do this, this
  • You know, this must not be for me 

When actuality, your goal needs to be a bit more realistic. Yes. Dream big. However, knowing this first foundation piece is going to help you to create goals that are in alignment,  and set timelines that are more so in alignment with where your life currently is. And that is  important because again, not knowing where you’re starting off from and just creating those vision board goals where I want a Maserati, I want a 50,000 square foot house  I want maids and butlers and all that other ish, and you aren’t even making 5k consistently in your business each month

Not that is impossible, but sis, you got kids, husband, dog, you got all these other things going on. Right now it’s just a team of you trying to get these things together until you get your team to play along. So setting a goal like that will only lead you up to frustration.  I’m gonna bring you back down to earth while still helping you to look forward to the sky. Here’s the thing, these life areas, again, business, family money. 

Step 1: Getting Your Business in Order

So let’s break this down really quickly and tell, take a look at your business. What’s going on in your business right now on a scale of one to 10, how do you feel about this life area? Is it where you want it to be?

Step 2: Getting Your House in Order

Then thinking about what the next step above would look like then in your family. 

  • Where’s your family at right now?
  • Do you have a family team or are you the maid?

How is it feeling now asking yourself these questions getting really clear will allow you to set goals that are in alignment.

Step 3: Getting Your Money In Order

And then in your finances, what’s going on with your money? 

How does your money feel? 

How does interacting with your money? 

All of these are perfectly valid questions to help you move forward to the next step.

Squash Overwhelm in the New Year: Putting it all together

Once you have these, now you have this awesome baseline to begin building goals for your upcoming quarter. I want you to think of goals and quarters and not year doesn’t that feel like less pressure?

I wanna invite you to take 2022 and go quarter by quarter 90 day increments looking at tracking, 

So let’s keep this convo going. Share in the comment section below:

Which life area has the lowest score and which one had the highest, and one thing that you’re gonna do in the next 90 days to bring that score up a notch.

I’m listening and I’m here to help you to support your next best moves. Now, remember, this is a four part series. 

Make sure that if you wanna get that next video, you are subscribed to this channel, you have clicked that little happy bell, and if you know another sister friend, that this would greatly impact in a positive way, I want you to share it with her.

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Well, girl, it’s time to take action. You can listen to YouTube videos all day to get motivated, or you can start taking action, right where you stand. So schedule your unload overwhelm strategy session below workwithcharmaine.me and I will see you later. Bye.


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