I know how it feels to try and tap into your focus each day. 

When you’re a neurodiverse mom with neurodiverse kids life can feel like you’re on a speeding train and if you stop the entire thing is going to crash hard.

So you move through each day feeling like you can never keep up, yet you can never stop.

That creates a level of overwhelm and stress most can’t even imagine.

In this vlog I share the number one thing you can do that will allow you to create the flow and freedom you desire.

neurodiverse mom focus

How Neurodiverse Moms Can Stay Focused

If  you’re like me sometimes you want to watch a video, and sometimes you just want the cliff notes.

So if today is a cliff notes day for you below are the major points of the video. But save this video to come back and get all the other juicy parts.


time management doesn't work
  1. Staying focused is not about the planner you use. 
  2. Stop adding vanity items to your daily action plan, checking off ish don’t make you productive.
  3. Start your day with intention, not what do I have to do.

Having clarity is more important than having the perfect plan.  Knowing what is going on now and what needs to happen next to get you closer to your desired outcome.

What do you need to get clear about?

Where is the clutter in your life?

Watch the video below to get the play by play.


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