Question….have you ever felt like as soon as you handle one thing something else pops up that feels more urgent than the thing than the thing you’re supposed to be doing next?

And the cycle keeps going until your day is over and you find yourself with a daily action plan that has more ish on it than when you started.

Give me a yes girl or hand raise emoji in the comments if you’re feeling this.

You’re starting each day with a stacked deck and it sucks. Because you always feel like you’re playing a continuous game of “catch up”.

I wanna hear from you what do you think is the primary factor that keeps you in this crazy cycle?

special needs moms can create a day without stress

Here’s some of the answers I’ve heard from moms I’ve worked with:

“If everyone would just leave me alone”

“If I could only get up earlier”

“If I could only be more organized”

And the list goes on, although those responses do hold weight they are not the primary reason why you are in a constant state of movement.

Here’s what’s keeping you stuck in this space….

Lack of clarity.

You don’t really know what you want, your entire day starts off based in “what you have to do next”

So when something else pops up for your to “do” you drop everything and do it or you add it into you already crazy day.

By not being clear about 3 things

How you want to feel

What’s going on in your life now

What you want

Your life will forever be in a state of reaction.

special needs moms can create a day without stress

As a mom of a special needs child you sometimes live in a world of reaction based on your childs needs.

So it is hella important for you to have as must flow and stability in your lives as possible.

Look mamma I get it the demands of life often overwhelm you even before you’re able to gain your footing.

You often find yourself fighting for air in your day to just exist and so those questions are the furthest thing from your mind when you’re trying to just survive.

I know you’re wondering, “Charmaine if you say that’s my baseline, but you know how crazy my life is, then how in thee hell am I supposed to get to that space.

Look ma I got you, remember this is a gradual process.

When you’re in immediate pain you just want it to stop so hearing the words small consistent steps does not make you smile.

This is why being in a supportive space is so important while having the guidance to help you stay on track and out of ish that ain’t got nothing to do with you.

Watch the video below to learn how you can take the stress out of your day and replace it with flow. 

Let’s keep this conv going…share in the comments below what not being clear is costing you

I’m listening and am here to support you toward your next best moves.

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Well girl, it’s time to take action, you can listen to YouTube vids all day to get “motivated” or you can start taking action right where you stand.

The only way to eliminate the stress and overwhelm you feel in your day is to take clear intentional action.

I’ll talk to you later girl…Bye


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