Why your planner is stressing you out, and what to use instead to plan your day.

Learn how to use your neurodiverse brain to work with distractions, so you can release overwhelm and guilt without wasting your money on programs you won’t use.

I get it being a neurodiverse mom, with neurodiverse kids, in a neurotypical world is stressful af. Trying to “fit in” to the status quo will leave you feeling overwhelmed and like a consistent failure in life and business.

I’ve been there, and it looks something like this…

It’s 7:45 PM on a Wednesday evening when you suddenly realize that you’ve been so busy managing meltdowns and distractions that the information you promised to get to a client is well overdue…again.

So you rush to your laptop, scrambling to come up with something, and you got nothing.

Zero. Nada.

Your brain is so exhausted that you can’t come up with a single thought.

If someone tells you one more ‘gin to plan out your day or use reminders, you’re gonna scream. You do plan your day, but life keeps getting in the way. You do set reminders, but you not only have your ish you got their ish too.

You wonder if you are even meant to have flow or was your life designed to be a continuous flow of last minute, ball dropping chaos. You start beating yourself up for stuff that you can’t control.

Deep breath mamma.

There is a way to create balance and manage your schedule in a way that doesn’t stress you the f out, leaving you to feel like a failure.

Let me tell you the truth. Planners are useless.

Creating a plan that works for your life doesn’t need a fancy schamcy planner. You could effectively schedule your day with index cards (trust me I’ve done it it works). You have to be willing to think outside the box and find what works for your brain.

Creating a plan for your week in 20 minutes looks like:

✔️   Being clear about what’s going on and what you’re working on

✔️  Breaking it down into small actionable steps

✔️  Creating a plan that allows you to slay those actions as well as support your other life areas that need your support.

 As you’re reading this right now you’re trying to figure out how you can realistically implement those steps with the crazy life you are living right now.

You might feel like:

🛑  This is impossible for someone like me, I need more than 20 minutes to get this mess together.

🛑  You have this looming fear that somehow you’ll mess this up to and end right back or worse of than you started.

🛑  Your ADHD brain is taking over, and your thoughts are all over the place each time you need to sit down and create a plan for your week.

You know that trying to implement what you’ve already been doing is feels extra hard, and it isn’t producing the results you want or need to create freedom and flow in your life.

 While this entire schedule creation process can feel stressful and overwhelming….

 You’re not alone

Which is great news. Everyone starts at ground zero.

No one figures this out overnight. In fact, other neurodiverse moms who choose to take this path to creating schedules that work with their brains go through this process of trial and error. 

(Including yours truly)

Imma say this one more time for the folk in the back…

Every other neurodiverse moms who choose to take this path to creating schedules that work with their brains go through this process of trial and error. 

And that’s a fab discovery.

This means we can:

1)  Leverage other people’s mistakes to find your own path quicker and with less pain.

2)  Create what works for you and your family without feeling like you need to fit in or like you’re doing it wrong.

Imagine being able to observe dozens of other neurodiverse moms going through this process of creating schedules that work for their life while studying the wins and losses they encountered while moving from frustration to flow with their schedule. 

 It’s a fab idea, right?

 Well that’s exactly what I did to create this program.

Your A-Z blueprint to clarify,simplify, and organize your schedule to create the balance and flow you need to thrive.

It’s time to drown out the noise and get serious about working on the things that will get you closer to your goals, while running a family. 

So, whether you’re thinking about a bomb business idea, or you just want to get your family in sync, you’ll be able to access 

The Simplifi My Schedule Program is designed to accelerate your success and save you years of painful trial and error.

And if you’re feeling that with the right focus and support you’ll move mountains, I hope you’ll stick around.

I want to teach you how to build a life you’re excited about by creating days that consistently get epic ish done, allowing you to feel more on top of the world.

Here’s How it Works When You Join 

In our 90 days together, we’ll teach you our entire blueprint to turn your schedule from frustration to flow. 

Here you’ll understand what to focus on and how to execute it. Whether this is your first time trying to tame your schedule or your 100th try, these sessions are designed to show you how to focus on what matters.

Watch training videos and access learning PDF’s from anywhere in the world from any device you choose. 


Create Your Clarity Map

squash overwhelm in the new year

No matter where you are on your scheduling journey, this first step will help you get on the right track. 

✔️  A custom plan –  we will create a custom plan for your life, no cookie cutters here. This ensures that you are ONLY learning and implementing what you need to flow. No random trainings or information. 

✔️  Clear benchmarks – so you know when to move on – to your next goal or stage. Using tracking to help you stay motivated and on track.



special needs mom

Get personalized feedback and answers to your most pressing questions, in real time. 

✔️  Member’s only Google Classroom – is packed with answers to the most frequently asked questions, access to prior program mini-training and monthly Q&A calls. Plus, this is a great spot to connect with other mommas on the same journey.

✔️  Resource Page – Just in case the group page doesn’t have what you need, we have a resource page where you can ask questions, live videos, tips and so much more. 


Rewarded for your work

Here we love to celebrate. At the end of each monthly Q&A Master-Training Session when you submit your assignment from the session you will be entered into our monthly prize drawing where you will have the chance to win Brand Swag, 1:1 Coaching and so much more.

We reward people who go after what they want by giving them support to get there with more clarity and faster. 


Consulting and Support

Weekly mini-trainings, check-in’s and tracking – where we help you bust through obstacles and give you personal consulting advice to make your next steps, you’ll never feel stuck or alone. 

✔️  LIVE monthly workshops – where we help you gain new knowledge to implement and improve your planning and scheduling abilities and direct live consulting from me.

✔️  Monthly and quarterly tracking and check-ins –  where we help you stay aware of your goals and see what patterns are moving you forward or holding you back, so you can pivot as needed. 


Support Beyond

While you’re working in the program, you’ll get an email every single week with a new resource to help you sharpen your skills.

 You won’t feel like you’re falling behind, this program is designed to help you see the power in the present to help you squash those feelings of failure and frustration.

 Plus, we’re constantly listening, so you can request a resource at anytime and if we don’t already have it, we either create it or add to our resource schedule.

Join Simpli My Schedule Program for a limited time.

The Simplifi My Schedule Program is only offered three times a year and the spots are limited.

Program size is kept small so that you can truly feel like you are a part of a community not a herd. My team and I wanted to make sure that you felt seen, heard, and supported. We understand how easy it is for your neurodiverse brain to hide and get distracted in large groups, and we wanted to help you thrive.

The entry to this round of the Simplifi My Schedule Group close on September 10, 2022. We don’t let peeps in after the close date because the community is settled and the training has started.

So if you know like you know that getting your schedule together can no longer be pushed aside, click the button below to join the program now.

Enrollment Closes Soon








Enroll in the Simplifi My Schedule Program For a Limited Time

Full Pay Option



This is for the 90 – day Simplifi My Schedule Program

It Includes:

    • Clarity Map
    • Weekly Consulting & Support
    • Private Off Social Media Group
    • Monthly Q&A Trainings
    • Weekly reminders and support
    • Rewards for doing YOUR Best
    • Bonus Clarity Live Workshop

Valued at $3500

2-Pay Options

$355 each


This is for the 90 – day Simplifi My Schedule Program

It Includes:

    • Clarity Map
    • Weekly Consulting & Support
    • Private Off Social Media Group
    • Monthly Q&A Trainings
    • Weekly reminders and support
    • Rewards for doing YOUR Best

Valued at $3000 

There are tons of digital courses and programs out there that make crazy promises.

 So why should you trust me? I mean, we don’t know each other that well (just yet).

 Here’s why.

Over the past 20 years I’ve been managing my family, all the appointments, meals, and special medical needs.

For the longest time I kept wondering why I couldn’t get it together, I always seemed to fall short in the consistency and focus department.

I would start a project, be super excited, then I found myself researching and getting involved in some of the most random, non-essential ish.

 Beating myself up emotionally and verbally had become an everyday occurrence, no matter what good I’d done I’d always have at least 10 things I could’ve done better.

 Girl let me tell ya’ that was exhausting.

 Something had to change.

After struggling to play the game the “normal way” I came up with a simple but effective system to plan and execute my day more effectively without overwhelm that worked with my brain versus fighting against it.

Once I learned how to work with my neurodiversities my entire life shifted. That was the moment I decided to share what I knew with neurodiverse moms everywhere.

The Simplifi My Schedule Online Group Program

What you’ll Receive when you enroll

✔️  Clarity Map ($500) – Create a custom plan for your life that allows you to create schedules with more flow and less frustration.

You’ll be given the blueprint to create your successful day.

✔️  Consulting and Support ($2,000) – Real time direction to understand what’s working and what’s not with your schedule and plan. Support to help you stay on track and consulting to show you what’s not working and how to pivot.

✔️  Community ($300) –  Where you get personalized feedback and answers to your most pressing questions, in real time. Also a space where you can surround yourself with other neurodiverese momma’s on the same journey.

Develop lifelong friendships and business contacts.

✔️  Beyond Support ($100) – While you’re working in the program you’ll get an email every single week with a new resource to help you sharpen your skills.

✔️  Rewarded for Your Work ($100) –   You have the opportunity to get rewarded with additional resources and support to thrive just by taking action on your plans via our monthly drawings.

✔️  Bonus Clarity Workshop  ($500) – if you pay in full you get a bonus clarity workshop with an exclusive Q&A that will keep you focused on the right things.

This workshop will help you sort everything out and get back on track with ease.


Read the FAQ’s

I’m super busy, how much time do I need to invest to get results?

We get that that’s why this program kicks off with a 2-day workshop to help jumpstart your results. 

 The workshop leaves you with a clear action plan to help you focus on trainings that are relevant to your growth. If you dedicate as little as 1-hour a week to learning, implementing, and tracking you’ll be golden.

I’m involved in other courses/programs, can I layer this on top of other training materials?

Absolutely! The Simplifi My Schedule Program is designed to help you build a foundation so that no matter what you have going on in life, you are flowing. 


Plus, Charmaine is always available in the community if you need help marrying concepts from other courses into the program.

Does the price ever go up?

HECK YES!  As new resources are added, the value increases and so do the price. 

Is this a program just for neurodivese moms?

No, the Simplifi My Schedule Program can support you no matter how your brainwaves flow. Our program is incredibly diverse so no matter what you’ll always feel right at home.

What’s neurodiverse even mean?

Great Question!  Neurodiverse describes peeps that display or characterize  autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behavior; not neurotypical.


Basically, those of us that experience the world a bit differently and have diverse ways of thinking, learning, processing and behaving.

I’m Diagnosed with ADHD how will this program support me?

That is the purpose of the 2-Day Clarity Mapping workshop, to help you create your own IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) of sorts.


This allows you to create a plan for your life based on how your brain operates. Trainings are also provided in a variety of formats, audio, video, and written, to give you the opportunity to maximize your experience. 

Is there a contract?

This is a 90-day program, after which you are free to move forward or re-enroll in the program. 

Is this a mom only community?

Although, this program is ran by an entrepreneur mom doesn’t mean you have to be an entrepreneur mom too, BUT you do need to be female. Right now, no dudes allowed, we love ya, but this is not the space for you.

Is there an opportunity to get 1:1 coaching or consulting in this program?

No. However we do offer 1:1 Consulting as a prize for those eligible to win based on their performance with their plan. We incentivize action on your plan by providing brain power emojis that serve as points to be entered in our monthly drawings. One of the prizes is 1:1 Consulting session with Charmaine.

How long do I have access to the program materials?

Your purchase of the Simplifi My Schedule Program comes with lifetime access to the member Resource area.


As long as you have access to the internet and our company exists, you will have access to those materials.

How long do I get access to the Google group?

As long as you’re enrolled in the Simplifi My Schedule Program you can access the Program group. 


If you chose not to extend your time in the program you will be removed from the group once your program cycle is up.

How do I get support once my group session is complete?

If you choose not to join a new Simplifi My Schedule session or one is not running you can access my Simplified Focus Telegram group for support.


Although the support in the Simplified Focus group is not as hands on as Simiplifi My Schedule, it is still a great opportunity to have accountability and gain the resources to continue thriving with your schedule.

Do I have to be tech-saavy to succeed?

No. You do need basic technology skills like how to use your phone, computer, and the curiosity to stumble through new things.

What’s your refund policy?

Everyone is different. We get that our teaching methods might not work for everyone, and we’re cool with that.


If, after you enroll in this program you are not 100% satisfied with the value it provides, simply send an email to our support team 1) within 14-days of enrolling into this program, and 2) include the completed modules from the 2-day workshop.


Once received you immediately will be issued a 100% refund. No questions asked..


We’re not interested in holding people’s money hostage when their energy is no longer invested.

At the end of the day, you know you need support

We are going to guide you through the process of consistently creating a schedule for your life that works, without doing the most.

Can I get my money back?

We are so stoked to welcome serious high performing mommas like you into the community. 

IMPORTANT: If you are not 100% satisfied with the value the Simplifi My Schedule provides simply send an email to our support team at clientcare@thecharmedlife.me 1) within 14-days of enrolling into this program, and 2) include the completed modules front the 2-Day Clarity Workshop.

Once receive you immediately will be issues a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Have a question? Use the chat on this webpage to get immediate transparent answers. 

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