How many times have you set goals only to see them fade away? I know it’s hella frustrating to get excited about a goal and then to never see it manifest.

Setting a goal is 25% of the job, the other 75% are the mindsets and supports available to you to make the goal a reality. *you might want to write this down*

With the end of the year quickly approaching this is the time that many of us begin to think about all the goals we haven’t met. We begin the journey of beating ourselves up for not being enough. 

  • Productive enough
  • Focused enough
  • Smart enough

Whatever your “enough” is I want to invite you to drop it right now. Remember, you only go as far as your skillset, mindset, and environment. And often times we are not in the right place mentally, physically or spiritually to manifest what we desire. 

This is why I love the blog post I’m sharing with you this week from Michael Hyatt, How to Use Activation Triggers to Reach Your Goals this year.

In it he goes over:

  • How to create SMARTER goals
  • How to get emotionally anchored to your goals
  • How to create ways to win with your goals

And so much more. 

How to Use Activation Triggers™ to Reach Your Goals this Year - Michael Hyatt

More than a decade ago, I decided I needed to get back into regular exercise. I was overweight and tired of feeling exhausted. I needed to do something. But like everyone else, I was busy. I had a habit goal I wanted to install: Exercise for thirty minutes, Monday through Friday, at 6:00 a.m.

set goals

How to Set Goals that Support


How do you set goals that support your life? You start with the end in mind, knowing what you want to create in your life areas is key. That’s why I always start my clients off with getting clear about how they want to feel and life area status.

Until you are clear about how your life is performing and how you want it to perform you’ll always be stuck in a loop of creating goals that never really connect. And goals that don’t connect don’t get completed.

Creating SMARTER goals look like this

  • Specific – Clarity is everything, make your goals so clear that anyone could read them and know exactly what you’re working toward.
  • Measurable – Having key performance indicators (kpi’s) will help you know if you’re on the right track to achieving your goal.
  • Actionable – What steps will you take to reach your goal? Use action words to describe the steps you will take to manifest your goal. 
  • Risky – Your goal has to feel just a little crazy, if it feels too comfortable you won’t be motivated. Too crazy you’ll lose motivation because it will feel out of reach. 
  • Time-Keyed – This is your deadline or when you want this goal to happen. 
  • Exciting – You gotta be emotionally connected to your goal. This is your “why” or your purpose. Because when the work gets tough you must know what you’re working for.
  • Relevant – Does this goal add balance to your life? Does it harmonize with how you say you want to show up in the world? If it doesn’t you will feel out of alignment and the goal won’t stick. 

set goals

How to Set Goals for  Your Goals

Also, making sure that you have created systems to help you maintain your stamina and stay focused throughout the process will be vital to your success. 

Creating a support system for your goals could be:

  • Setting alarms to stay on task
  • Joining a coaching program or accountability group
  • Creating working hours
  • Outsourcing dinner or other household tasks

Systems and supports are basically anything that will help you reach your target goal with more ease. Having a system to reach your goals is just as important as the goal itself.

Remember that everyday won’t be a high achieving day. Be gentle with yourself when you days go off track or not as expected. The reason you have these goals is to help you get back on track with more ease. 

If you’re ready to start achieving your goals and creating life balance I’ve got just what you need.

My Get Yo’ Life Guide will share the tools you need to begin creating balance and harmony to replace the stress and overwhelm.

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Over to You

What goal are you most excited about?

What is the one goal that if you reach it will change your life?

Think about that and pop your answer in the comments below. I would love to hear goal excites you and how I can help. 


Until Next Time
Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business

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