Self-sabotage is real.

I know because this week for me was full of moments that I blocked my own shine.

Why do we block our own path to success and happiness?

What do we hope to gain by dimming our shine?

If you are having moments of self-sabotage or it’s a consistent struggle keep reading.

Today I’m going to share the three ways you might be sabotaging your self and what you can do about it.

In today’s video, I go more in-depth about the three paths to self-sabotage. I share how I eliminated the noise in my head this week to move on toward my goals.

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What Self-Sabotage is + How to Fix It

Self-Sabotage can show up in three ways:

  1. You’re afraid to shine because it might make you stand out
  2. You’re afraid to stand on your own and take action because you don’t think you’re capable.
  3. You’re afraid to seek guidance because you think you should know it all and take action that doesn’t help.

However, self-sabotage shows up for you know how to recognize and stop it.

Here are the three ways you can stop self-sabotage in its tracks:

  1. Be clear about your why
  2. Have a great support system in place 
  3. Make sure you’re spending quality time with yourself (morning ritual or hour of power) to become grounded in your purpose.

When you have those pieces in place then the noise of self-doubt will not be as loud. It will always come to visit but if you have a foundation in place it won’t stay as long or distract you from your goals.

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Over to You

What do you need to do to reduce the noise of self-doubt in your head? We all experience it at some point but we don’t have to give in. Share which method will you begin using to strengthen your mindset and help you stay the course.

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