Are you a schedule packer? Someone with lots to do but not getting a lot done? Ending each day feeling stressed and inadequate because your to-do list ends up with more stuff on it then when you started.

Learning how to keep your daily schedule in focus may feel impossible. With others pulling on every bit of time and energy you have available.

How can you master your time if it feels like you’re not even in control of your time?

To master your time you must learn to manage the distractions in your day.

To manage your distractions you have to know what they are and be honest with yourself about why you allow these things to take over your life.

I used to be a schedule packer, creating these insane daily task lists, avoiding them until crunch time. Then I would cry that I never had enough time to get them done. In reality, each day I was setting myself up for failure by over packing my task list. Then avoiding it by doing things that had nothing to do with what I needed to do.

I woke up every day looking at a growing task list caused me to feel depressed and stressed out because I felt that I would never catch up. The more I crafted these perfect to-do lists, packing each hour of the day with a task, the more stressed I got.

Then something in me shifted. It occurred to me that I was creating a to-do list off of things that needed to get done and not how I wanted to feel at the end of the day.

When I discovered my foundational feelings I begin to create a to-do list based on how I wanted to feel and not just want needed to get done. I found myself paying less attention to the distractions and managing my energy much better.

How do you feel at day’s end? Are you ready to create more clarity, energy and time in your day? If you are looking for a community of moms to support you along the way join me and my community of supermoms on Facebook. I’m there daily with tips, resources, and coaching to help you live your best life now. Share how you want to feel at day’s end and if you have a plan to get there. 


Until Next Time
Peace Love + Recovery

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