I used to say yes even if it went against every fiber of my being.  If it meant that my family was happy or I was being perceived a team player I said yes.

Inside I felt like screaming and throwing sharp objects at the wall.

All this yes to others was a big no to me and it was hella frustrating.

As stay-at-home-moms, we all have these perceptions in our head about what a good mom or wife is. We strive for that vision even if it begins to drive us cray.

What do we hope to gain by sacrificing our very essence to please our family, our clients or our community?

We fear that by not meeting these perceived expectations we will be the bad mom. Sometimes we fear that life as we know it will fall apart and become more exhausting. 

So, we concede to what others want at the expense of our soul.

I know most days you feel like you’re not enough.

I’m here to tell you that you are enough and you have what you need to create a life that makes you feel good.

In the video below I’m sharing the three reasons you need to say no more and how I made it work in my life.

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Why You Need to Say No More

Saying yes is driving you cray, here are three reasons to start saying no.

Saying yes is causing you:

  • Stress – Notice the situations where your chest, throat or stomach feels tight. Begin either saying no to these activities that stress you out. If they are a necessity then create more recovery space around them on your schedule.
  • Overwhelm – Are you burying yourself in your to-do’s? It’s time to switch your got-to to get-to. Make your daily schedule a choice and not a burden by consciously choosing what gets done each day.
  • Burnout – Do you find yourself always working to the point of exhaustion? You are in control of your schedule, make sure you are saying yes to your needs first. Remember if you don’t put on your oxygen mask you can’t save anyone else.

Are you a super busy mom entrepreneur that needs some support and clarity around boundaries? Click the image below to download my visual guide Three C’s to Setting Awesome Boundaries.  Take the first step to eliminating overwhelm in your day by downloading the guide now. 

Over to You

Share in the comments below how saying yes to the wrong stuff is affecting you. Also, share one step you want to take to lighten your load.

I look forward to serving you in my Facebook community.

Until next time

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