What is success to you; Is it the fancy car, the big house or making lots of money?

Well mamma, success can be all of those things or none of them. See success  ain’t a destination, it’s “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”(Earl Nightingale). 


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Creating a Daily Action Plan (schedule) that works for you is going to take a mindset shift. It’s going to be a shift from doing to being.

I’m sharing an interview I did with Mornings with Stacie on How I Plan for Success. In it I’ve dropped some major truth bombs that will help take your life to the next level. 

Grab your note pad and a cup of tea and get ready to shift.

How to Plan for Daily Success – My Top 3 Tools


You can create your daily action plan in an $80 planner or a $1 notebook. 

Here are my top 3 tools that I use to create my

✅ Plan my day the night before – At the end of each day I assess how my current day went and create my next steps. I then place my planner on my night stand or open on my sink so I can get my day moving in the right direction. 

✅ Getting Clear – I take the time each day to get clear about how I want my life to feel, what I want to accomplish and why. Doing this allows me to add things to my day that will take me closer to what I want to create. 

✅ Mindset Matters –  Creating space in my day to strengthen and support my mindset is the glue that keeps my day together. Whether it’s my gratitude alarm, affirmation cards, or 5 minute meditations creating mindset moments helps me to remember who I am, what my end game is and what matters. 

Creating your own plan for success is going to take new level of  persistence and consistency that you may have never tapped into. It’s also going to take showing a level of compassion to yourself and others through life’s ebbs and flows. Remember that success is not a destination but a journey and not every day is going to be a 100%. 

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Over to you

How will you begin to craft your plan for daily success? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below to support and celebrate you.

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Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business


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