I used to have an obsession with purchasing planners, to-do list software, hell actually anything that was marketed to help me save time.

But, I started to notice a trend:

  1. Purchase planner and all necessary attachments (you know the ones they tell you, you gotta have)
  2. Bring planner home + excitedly plan out my entire month.
  3. Life gets in the way
  4. Planner becomes a pretty purse or overpriced notebook


*I know I’m not the only one*

Finally, I’d had enough and asked myself, “Is my life so unpredictable that I can’t even have a plan?”

The answer was no, it wasn’t about time, it wasn’t about the perfect plan. My to-do lists and plans never worked because either I was wrapped up in O.P.P (Other People’s Priorities) or I wasn’t clear enough on what I wanted to accomplish and why so nothing ever got done fully.

At that moment I realized, I don’t need a time plan I needed a life plan.

So here are the three reasons you probably don’t need another planner:

  1. You haven’t fully used the planner you have – planners aren’t magical. Just because you put stuff in there doesn’t mean it’ll get done. Stop purchasing planners with the hopes that it will completely change your life. It won’t.
  2. You don’t know what you want out of life – purchasing a planner to track your time isn’t helpful, especially when you have no intentions set for your life. Figure out your intentions (goals) first then work on how that will look in your day.
  3. You don’t know how you want to feel – when you aren’t clear about how you want to feel each day, there is a tendency to hook into other people’s stuff or a bunch of randomness to avoid the things you really need to do. You spend a majority of your day searching for a way to ‘feel good’ but end up feeling burned out and used by day’s end.

If you aren’t clear on how you want to feel and what you’re working toward don’t get a new planner, hop on over to my resources page for some great resources to help you get super clear on both. If you are clear on those two things and still find yourself having a hard time taking command of your time, grab my Mompreneurs Time Map to get the four foundations of time mastery

Just remember whether you’re planning your day out in a notebook or fancy planner that the common denominator is you. Purchasing another system won’t necessarily help. When you are clear about how you want to feel and what you want out of life, you will gravitate toward a planner that will enhance what you already know.  You will begin searching for planners that will help you stay in alignment with not only how you want to feel but what you need to do, not just the prettiest option with the most bells and whistles.

Let Me Know

Share in the comment section below what your largest struggle or best practices of planning your day. Do you find to-do lists to be constricting or freeing for you?

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