I’ve been a mompreneur for over 10 years.

I started in the Network Marketing area, although semi-successful, this promise of more time and passive income never came. It felt like I was always in this constant battle with my time and family, there never seemed to enough for either one.

I knew there had to be a better way and I was determined to find it and share it with others.

If you are done feeling like it’s either your family or your business read on. I am going to share with you the three ways you can begin to fully follow your dreams without feeling like you are sacrificing quality time with your family or business.

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How the Busy Mompreneur Can Create Harmony Between Her Family + Business.

Creating harmony in your life is necessary for your sanity. By making sure that all areas of your life are flowing instead of competing will allow you to operate from your highest space.

Here are the three ways that you can begin to create harmony in your life today.

  1. Communicate – You must communicate with your team consistently and completely. In order for your team (aka family) to support you, communicating with them is necessary to your success. 
  2. Take Time Off – You must take time away from it all, business, family, home, all of it. Create space in your schedule that allows you to just be you and not and not another title.
  3. Stick to the Plan – If you create a plan, stick to it. Much of your stress just might be coming from not following your plan. If you are finding it difficult to stick to the plan you created for your day go back and read my Create a Schedule Without Overwhelm blog post. There you are sure to grab resources to help you create a schedule that feels good and gets things done. 

If you’re ready to put these steps into action, get started below. Join my Free Time Benders Facebook Community. You deserve to reclaim your time and stop the overwhelm in your day. Let’s talk about what’s holding you back in your business and get some solutions that work. Click the image below to join now.


Over to You

Share with me in the comments below where you can begin to use these principles in your daily life. Do you already have harmony between your family and business? If so, share how you keep it all together.   I would love to hear how I can celebrate, support, or serve you.

Ready to take this to the next level? Join my sisterhood of super mompreneurs in the  Free Time Benders Community on Facebook.

Until next time
Love + Harmony

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