Although I normally have my ish together as a mom entrepreneur my schedules used to be a mess. I used to hate my schedule. Here’s the truth, what I hated was all the sh** I had signed up to do each day. You see I had a yes problem.

I felt that since I was home and since I didn’t work outside of the home that I was supposed to be the “go to girl”.

I took on any administrative tasks my hubby asked for (even the ones he didn’t).  My kids were in a ton of after-school activities, and I was at every PTO meeting. I stressed about maintaining the perfect home while trying to balance running a business and a home. I was a stressed out, overwhelmed, anxious mess.

I spent a majority of my day on what I like to call O.P.P. (Other Peoples Priorities) so my day never felt like my own. By the time I got done with other peoples stuff and tried to do anything related to my business I was exhausted.

I thought time management was a dream, I mean how could I master something that I felt like I had no control over?

If this story sounds like you (Even if only parts of it sound like you) keep reading.  I’m going to share how I got out of the go-to girl syndrome. This allowed me to craft my best life while still serving the family and community that I love.


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The Five Ways A Mom Entrepreneur Can Master Her Day

So enough of my sad story and time to get you some solutions. I’m going to share the five things I did that helped me master my day. Doing these steps also changed the course of how I interacted with my life, my family, and my business.

So here goes:

  1. Feeling Good – Get clear about how you want to feel each day. Begin to craft your day around how you want to feel not only what you think you have to do. Doing this will cause you to choose quality over quantity for your daily action plan
  2. Get Intentional – Know what you want to do that day. Have a clear vision of the outcomes you’re seeking.
  1. Purpose Driven – Your why is what drives you. Having purpose around your feeling and intentions help them to stick. Knowing your purpose makes it harder for S.O.S (Shiny Object Syndrome to creep up and distract you
  1. Just Say No – Get clear about the boundaries you need to create and the distractions in your day.
  1. Have a Plan – Always start your day with your daily action plan. Create your plan the night before and keep it with you throughout your day. Making sure in your plan you leave time space for your action and emotional space.

If you’re ready to put these steps into action, get started below. Join my Free Time Benders Facebook Community. You deserve to reclaim your time and stop the overwhelm in your day. Let’s talk about what’s holding you back in your business and get some solutions that work. Click the image below to join now.

Now Over To You

Share in the comments below how you plan to use one or all the above steps to create an empowered day. I want to hear how I can serve, support or celebrate you.

Get support putting this steps into action by joining my FREE Facebook Community.

Until Next Time

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