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What do you do when your schedule feels like you’re fighting an up-hill battle to stay ahead of the game?  That used to be me. I had a daily task list that was filled with business actions only. I bought into the fallacy of only having 3 – 5 goals a year while focusing on one life area at a time. I always felt stressed out and that I was leaving something behind.  Each day I felt like something was always missing on my schedule. Like many of you, I’m a stay at home mom that decided to add entrepreneur to her moniker. So no matter how I schedule my day my family is my first priority.  Listening to coaches who had different life priorities made me question my own path. I thought I was crazy for wanting to spend Saturday off with my kids or shutting it all down at 3 pm instead of grinding the night away on my next launch.  As you might know, I’m a solutions-oriented girl and I knew there had to be a better way to exist. I knew I didn’t have to forsake my family or my dream and that I could achieve family and business balance.  Success leaves clues, and the area of entrepreneurship and motherhood is no different.  I knew there was a way to be a high performing entrepreneurial mom without burning out. This fact was proven when I read High-Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard and Your Best Year Every by Michael Hyatt. I never thought men would have a clue about helping entrepreneurial moms become high performers while still focusing on what mattered most to them.  

How I got over mom entrepreneur burnout

 I’m going to share the 4 things I learned about integration and high performance without burning out.
  1. Assess where you are – Take some time to sit back and assess where you are in your major life areas. Without this assessment, any new goals you add on might be in vain.
  1. Create goals – Create goals in the life areas that need you the most, create goals that are going to stretch you not stress you, create goals that excite you. Keep it up to three goals per quarter up to 10 for a year. (Yup I said 10)
  1. Break it down – Break down your goals into quarterly tasks, this has helped me to reach a goal faster because you are clear and focused. Only think about your next steps, not the entire map, each piece needed will unfold as it’s needed.
  1. Revisit Reevaluate Reassess – Your goals need to be visited daily. Reevaluated at least once a month for optimal focus and clarity. Reassessed to see if a goal is still needed.
These four steps have allowed me to be in alignment with how I want my life to look and feel. Not just checking items off a to-do list but truly creating balance and alignment with my ENTIRE life.  Getting all parts to play nice and support the other toward the vision. What area of your life are you having the largest challenge integrating? If you enjoyed this Charming Share, click here to receive a copy in your inbox every week.

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