What would you do with an additional hour? How about an additional two hours? How would your life change if you had more time and energy?

As moms it often feels like there is never enough time in the day to get life done, there always feels like there is stuff left over at the end of the day that still needs our attention.

How does a mom create more space in her life so that she can have the time she needs to complete life? Emotional mastery.
Here’s Your Mantra:

We rarely think about the amount of time and energy that we spend each day feeling anxious, exhausted or pissed off. We tend to think that those emotions are somehow separate from what needs to be done. In fact they are directly tied into how our day operates.

When you spend a majority of your time focused on what’s going wrong, or what you don’t have it keeps you from accomplishing what you said you needed or wanted to do in your life.

I’m going to share with you 5 ways that you can start taking charge of your emotional life and gain command of your day.

  1. Get clear on how you want to feel – I know I talk about this is just about every blog posting, because that’s just how important it is. When you know how you want to feel it will be a bit tougher for the negative emotions to take control.
  2. Have a morning ritual – Give your mind, body, and spirit the first fruits of your energy. Give yourself space to become calm, present, and clear before the day begins. When you put yourself first it makes whatever life throws at you that day easier to handle.
  3. Find the positive – When something goes south, it’s so easy to get stuck in the anger and disappointment of what happened. You have the power to think what you want to think regardless of circumstances. Take your power back and begin to create a positive narrative around the situation.
  4. Upgrade your circle – It’s gonna be hella hard to stay true to you if the people you’re around, the shows you’re watching or the material you’re reading isn’t coming from a higher space. Remember we are not only the sum total of our thoughts but we are also the sum total of the five people, places, and things we frequent.
  5. Keep a journal – Start keeping a journal of when you feel triggered emotionally.  Take 7-14 days to get clear on when you most often find yourself spiraling out of emotional control. Doing this will help you to pinpoint the times you are the most emotionally vulnerable and to begin coming up with solutions to make it right.

If you are truly ready to master your time, then mastering your emotions is the first step. Without emotional mastery no matter how pretty you package your Time Map you’re always going to fall short.

Let Me Know:

Do you need support in mastering your emotions? If so which one of the five steps to emotional mastery do you need to work on the most? Share with me in the comments I would love to support you on your journey.

Until Next Time
Love Hugs + Smooches


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