I used to think that when I got distracted it meant I should push harder. I mean that a lot of the messaging I hear, push, grind, hustle if you don’t you’re lazy. Much of the messaging seems to be that distractions are solely a result of our “why” not be strong enough.  So many of us operate from a space where the mere thought of a distraction throws us into an anxiety induced tailspin.  

I want to invite you to see another point of view around distractions. Following a distraction doesn’t always mean that you’re not about your business or that you can’t stay focused. There are at least two different types of distractions that we experience. One is a result of you not being grounded in your purpose and one means that you just need to stop and reassess.  

Knowing which distraction you’re dealing with is going to be the difference between you burning out and flowing. It’s a fine line that’s going to require you to be in touch with your intuition and your environment.  

All distractions aren’t equal. 


Distraction Secrets: Two Types of Distractions 

Contrary to popular belief there is more than one type of distraction floating around in these streets. It’s interesting how as humans we like for everything to categorized and easy so we tend to lump things together.  That’s exactly what’s happened to distractions, they have become lumped in the “bad” category so we tend to think that every distraction we experience is a weakness. Thinking every distraction is a bad thing can leave you in a space that takes you further away from that goal and not closer to it. 

So let’s jump into what these two distractions types are and how you can use them both to your advantage.  


Distraction Secrets: Shiny Object Syndrome Distractions 

 These are the distractions where you do laundry or troll Facebook for two hours versus creating your landing page. S.O.S. distractions are the ones that everyone is talking about. This is where you find a way to add urgency to things that are neither urgent nor important.   

S.O.S. distractions normally feel good while you’re in them, heck they might even be kinda fun, but the real burn comes at the end of your day.  S.O.S. distractions rarely feel as good at the end of your day or week when you’re evaluating your time and energy spent.  

So versus consistently beating yourself up you can get re-connected to your why by asking yourself these questions:  

  1. Is this activity taking me closer to my end game? 
  2. If I stopped this activity would my life fall apart? 

If the answer is no to one or both get reconnected to your goal and  purpose and get back on track. 


Distraction Secrets: Slow Down & Breathe Distractions 

These distractions normally show up when you’ve been grinding it out non-stop.  S.D.B. distractions show up  as your kids being extra, an inability to focus, or tension headaches. These distractions show up as things that you think are keeping you from the hustle, they piss you off a bit because now you have to stop. 

S.D.B. distractions don’t mean that your purpose isn’t strong enough, it means your mind, body and spirit need a rest. S.D.B. distractions come not because you can’t stay focused, but because you need to change focus. 


Distraction Secrets: Making Distractions Work for You 

Whether you’re dealing with a shiny object distraction or a slowdown distraction both can be used to your advantage. I’m going to share the three ways that distractions can work out in your favor. Also, how you can learn how to take full advantage of them to serve you instead of stress you. 

  1. They show your gaps. If you find yourself becoming distracted a lot it is showing your gaps. Gaps are areas that you need to get better at or let go of.   
  2. They help you reconnect to what matters. Distractions can remind us that we are not spending our time and energy on what we said matters.  So instead of seeing your kids or a household task as a chore view it as an opportunity to stop and smell the roses.  
  3. They help you focus on you. Some of our most annoying distractions are really a sign from the universe telling us we need a break. Do you find yourself aimlessly trolling Facebook or YouTube?  Blank distractions are often our brain’s way of telling us to stop and take care of ourselves. If you find that while working on anything for an extended period your brain starts turning to mush, don’t power through, power down. 


Distraction Secrets: Final Thoughts on Distractions 

I’m a high achieving entrepreneurial mom too so I get wanting to press until it’s done. But what I know for sure is that by pressing it’s taking you longer to get to your goal. By not taking a break at least every two hours it actually slows you down. Taking a break allows your brain to regroup and refocus.  

I know you’re ready to get your business and family on the same page.  I know it’s no fun to feel like you’re paying attention to one but you’re neglecting the other. Mom guilt is so real, but it’s time to silence the guilt and stand in your power. Download my Get Yo’ Life Guide and learn the five ways you can begin to build your life foundation. You can create a harmonious life where all areas support the others.  Balance is possible. 

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Over to you: 

 Share in the comments below, does this make you see your distractions in a new light? I’d love to hear what you think so I can support, serve or celebrate you to your next level. 

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Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business 

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