Does all the ish you gotta do got you feeling like you ain’t even in control of your own life?

I know that feeling between, business, momming, household duties and the list goes it’s hella easy to feel like you are lost in your list.

So what is a boss ass mom entrepreneur to do when her things to do outweigh her time and energy to do them?

Sure you can get another planner, you could delegate some ish, you could use a system to map out your day perfectly.

But nothing seems to work for that random ish that pops up in the life of a mom, wife, and entrepreneur.

None of the planners and systems seem to account for kids that forget to tell you stuff, husbands that seem to tell you too much stuff, and business and home duties that always seem to add on a new steps just as you finish old ones.

The struggle of not feeling like a circus juggler is real.

So I’m sharing 3 quick tips to keep you from feeling like a circus act to experiencing more balance, harmony, and flow in your day.

So Let’s get into it.

ending your struggle with overwhelm

Number One:

Start saying no

Not everything or everyone requires an audience. Start seriously evaluating if what you’re saying yes to really needs you

My rule of thumb is quick no slow yes

Start saying no - not everything or everyone requires an audience. Start seriously evaluating if what you're saying yes to really needs you  My rule of thumb is quick no slow yes

Number Two:

Take a real day off

Disconnect from the world, show yourself some grace and let your kids and hubby cook or order out. Don’t answer emails, voice mails or any of that stuff, go out in natural, go play, find or re-visit a hobby…get away from social media for a day..

Trust me when I tell you no one will miss you, the things that peeps say are emergencies always seem to get worked out without you and people can wait.

ending your struggle with overwhelm

Number Three:

Trust yourself

Do you even listen to what you have to say? When your body tells you it’s tired do you keep pushing or do you go sat down?

Do you listen to that still small voice that nudges you towards not taking on another project, or not switching gears so much that you strip your life transmission?

Learn how to trust life’s nudgings to make choices that support you and not strip you of your life force.

There are so many different ways that you can protect your energy to keep from feeling like you’re being pulled in multiple directions.

These 3 tips will help you to being the journey from feeling like Elasta Girl to feeling like you’re more in control of your life and what it brings your way.

When ending your struggle with overwhelm, remember:
1. Say no
2. Take a day off
3. Trust yourself

By sticking with those three you’ll be on the path to less stress.

Let’s keep this conversation going..share in the comments below how you can use the tips from this video when ending to stop feeling like you’re being pulled in multiple directions daily.

I’m listening and am here to support you toward your next best moves.

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Well girl, it’s time to take action, you can listen to YouTube vids and read blog posts all day to get “motivated” or you can start taking action right were you stand.

What will your life look like 6 months from now if you keep doing things they way you’re doing them know?

If you don’t like your answer it’s time to get moving and take a different course of action.

I’ll talk to you later girl…Bye

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