When working to create balance in your life it helps to know how your entire life is performing. One of the largest mistakes I see women make when creating work/life balance is only focusing on one area.

The only way to create that harmony and integration that all these gurus are talking about is through creating balance. 

As women we see balance as this horrible thing because we use it all wrong. We use balance it to create sameness. Instead we should use balance to create strength and stability in our life.

life balance challenge

Where I Learned How to Conquer The Life Balance Challenge

One of the first spaces that I learned about creating goals in my life areas was from Chalene Johnson via her PUSH system. She has 10 life areas, however I condensed them to five because I felt like many of them overlapped for me. 

That was the first time I was introduced and given permission to not only have goals for my business but my family as well.  I learned that the common denominator in all of my goals and dreams is me. In order to create the life I desired I was going to have to create support with and acknowledge my life areas.

I found that by “ignoring” other areas of my life I was actually causing myself more stress and overwhelm. I couldn’t focus on my business because my finances always seemed to be out of whack and I was always putting out financial fires.

I enjoyed this blog post from Chalene Johnson about creating balanced in all areas of your life. In this blog posts she gives more tips and resources to begin creating balance in your life.

Creating Balance in ALL Areas of Your Life - Chalene Johnson Official Site

Creating Balance in the 10 Important Areas of Life When writing out your list of 10 crazy cool goals for the year, take some time to evaluate the 10 important areas of life. You may realize that some of your goals need to be adjusted.

life balance challenge

How You Can Overcome the Life Balance Challenge

Now I’m going to share my method of how I help my clients create balance in all their life areas of their life.  Below I’m sharing the first 4 things I have clients do when we start working together to create their balance baseline. 

  1. Create a Life Wheel – This is where I have clients measure on a scale of 1-10 where they believe their life areas are. When you are honest about how your life is performing you know where you’re good and where you’re not. 
  2. Foundational Feelings – This step is where you get clear about how you want each life area to feel. Knowing how you want your life to feel keeps you focused on what matters.
  3. Goals & Intention – This step has you create a goal for the life area that needs your focus most as well as the area(s) you’re building.
  4. Getting to Why – This step helps you to add another connector to your intentions. When you are clear on why you’re working toward a goal or a feeling you’re more connected to it.

If you’re ready to quit the life balance challenge in your life and get your family and business to play nice I have just what you need.

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Over to You

I want to hear from you. In the comments below share what your largest struggle is with balance. I’m listening and ready to help you through. Don’t forget to download your free Get Yo’ Life Guide above to get started on the path to empowerment and balance. 

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Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business

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