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Sometimes things don’t go how you’d planned them at all. This entire week has not went how I wanted it to go at all point blank period. My first inclination is to whine in hopes that the universe will hear me whining and give me what the f I want.

But that’s not what happens because I have lessons to learn and I have life to live and people to engage with. Things are not always going to go how you want them to go. We create these plans for a life for our day for everything, we create these plans to give us a baseline. That’s one of the first things that I had to remind myself is that this is a baseline not the full story.

Life rarely goes how you want it to there are always going to be some bumps and curves in the road that are going to make you slow down and regroup. There are a few things that I had to do to get my life and get myself together.  I don’t share these things with you all from a space like I got it all together and my life is super perfect.

How I Got My Ish Together

So a couple of things that I had to do in order to get my sanity back was to stop and breathe. I honestly had to take a step back and just breathe, and remember that the only thing I’m in control of is me.

I am not in control of anything around me. If computer systems go down, I can’t worry about that I’m,not AT&T, I’m not Microsoft.

The second thing I had to do was change my position. A lot of us work in the same place all the time and whether you’re working, whether your desk is in the same place or at home or at work or whatever, change what your area looks like, add something different.

When you change position, it’s a lot easier for you to change your perspective.

Number three I had to make sure I used my support team. Having the support of an awesome coach and mastermind group is so vital to all of this. As entrepreneurial moms we tend to keep a lot of things in our head and we don’t share what we’re struggling with or what we need. 

How to Switch Your Focus

Like literally this week has been a week and it’s only Wednesday. By slowing down and breathing and changing perspective you can you begin to see the lessons that you’re supposed to be learning and the blessings that you are supposed to be receiving and giving out to other people. 

When you’re thinking about someone or something else other than whatever it is that’s getting to you it allows you to shift your perspective. So whether that’s volunteering at your kid’s school, your church or something like that, or it’s almost, I know people say, well, don’t do it during Thanksgiving or like the holidays because like that’s when everybody does it. If you feel compelled to go like to a soup kitchen or a shelter or something like that and volunteer to get your mind off of the things that you say are just not working out for you, do that.

It’s not like the, the entity is going to turn you down and who knows? You might find your purpose or calling within that small space. I have found that in being in some of those spaces, I have been blessed beyond, beyond words Also in sometimes being in those spaces, sometimes the simplest thing you might say to someone or the touch or the hug might bless them in a way that you may have never that they may have never experienced and that you could have never thought of had you stayed in your own little pod of sorrow and pity. So if life is putting you through the paces, be it today or tomorrow, I want you to take a step back and breathe, change your perspective and then begin to see the possibilities. And even in the mess that is going on there is power in the possibility.

You have to be willing to step outside a victim ego that’s saying, you should feel really bad, you should be crying, you should be cussing somebody out, you should be all up in somebody’s face. You should be doing this. You should be doing that. Like you shouldn’t be sitting here taking this like no punk. Just ignore that voice.

Just for shits, giggles, do something different and ignore what that negative voice has to say. Ask yourself,  what if this is really for my good, what if I’m going through this so that I can be a light and a blessing to others? What if this that I’m going through is the last part of the wall before my breakthrough? So I really want you to start peeling those layers back versus cuz our initial action is just to go into that space of victim ego.

The Power of Taking Control of Your Mind

It takes no more effort to see the abundance and the wonderment in a situation then to see the desolation and destruction. It takes no more effort to think positively,  and each thought is going to give you a particular result. I mean even if you don’t get the results you want it at least if you’re in a positive place, at least it didn’t hurt as bad. But you know when you’re going through something and your mind is like shooting you down with every step, it makes it harder. Like it makes it longer. It just, it, it makes it more energetically draining. So make the conscious choice today to decide to flip that.

I’m not saying I perfectly execute this each time because I don’t. I have wallowed in my feelings. but then I ask myself a different set of questions to break free from the negative thoughts in my head. Start to look for the flip and it will begin to get better, not magically it’s not going to be a magical thing. Flipping your mindset is going to take some work, especially if that’s not your normal M.O. Even if it is, depending upon the severity of what’s going on, it’s really going to take you digging your heels in and getting conscious  about what’s going on in your head and reaching out for support. 

This is going to cause you to dig deep and go beyond your normal surface fix.  Stop thinking being positive is all about rainbows and unicorns. No, it’s going to be work to get your mindset to see what you want to see and act on. Stop running from the work and looking for the easy shit to do. Dig your heels in, do the work so you can make it through, and so you won’t have to go through that particular thing again. You know God took Israel around the mountain until they learned the lesson.  If you don’t learn the universe will just keep presenting similar or the same things to you until you get the lesson you’re supposed to get. 

What’s Next

To carry these lessons further and apply them to your life check out my book From Busy to Balanced. It gives you all of these little principles and everything in that book. It’s a book and a workbook together. So you’re able to read and write basically cause writing is really good for the brain, but you’re able to read and write at the same time. And also there’s lots of bonuses to go with it. The book is only 37 bucks, but it’s a book and a workbook in bonus videos to help guide you through it to help you develop some of these mindset principles, um, and having that foundation to come back to. Um, as you think about like what’s going on in your day, in your life, the link for the book will be at the bottom below. 

But I love to hear your thoughts on this as well, and some mindset challenges that you might have so that we can support each other. I want to use my page as a supportive place. So again, thank you so much for joining me today. I look forward to seeing you ladies. And you all have a fabulous Wednesday. Remember, love yourself, love your family, love your business. Bye.

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