For years I wondered why I could never get my family to help when I wanted and like I wanted. Feeling like the Lone Ranger in a house full of people is a lonely feeling. When you feel like you’re the maid and the cook, you will become resentful, depressed and pissed off.

There are so many reasons why moms feel like they have to do it all, by themselves. Whatever your reason, the need to avoid conflict and or disappointment are at the core. The need to be in control of the situation is more important than asking for and accepting the help that you need.

What is a mom to do in order to get the help she needs? She needs to let go of the wheel.

Doing it all isn’t what supermom is about. Supermom knows what her superpowers are. She focuses on what she does best and delegates the rest.

Remember they aren’t going to do it like you because they ain’t you. Give them the space to learn and make mistakes. Stop going behind them fixing and re-doing the chore because it’s not to your liking.

The reality behind your family not wanting to help you just might be that they don’t feel appreciated. Because when they do their best you don’t show appreciation. Instead, you pout and sulk because it doesn’t look ‘right’ and go behind them and do it again.

One day I asked my husband why he never helped me. He answered, “It doesn’t matter, you’ll either re-do it, tell me how wrong it was or complete the task because it wasn’t done in your timing.

That truth bomb hit my ego hard. Although I was so mad at him for saying that, I knew he was telling the truth. My family wasn’t able to support me because I didn’t give them a chance.

Where do you feel like you need to let go? Delegating and releasing tasks are a form of self-care. It allows you to master your time, leaving you more time to do things that matter to you. Practicing self-care daily will help you to feel clear and have more energy to live life to the fullest. If you are looking for a community of moms to support you, join me and my community of supermoms on Facebook. I’m there daily with tips, resources, and coaching to help you live your best life now.

If you’re done chasing time and you’re ready to create the time of your life, grab my Supermom Secrets Guide to Time Mastery. It’s a quick and easy read, trust me.

Until Next Time
Peace Love + Recovery


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