We all procrastinate…

How you can end procrastination depends on you.

I don’t care who you talk to if they honest with you they will share that they too have been on the “I’ll do it later” struggle bus.

I used to thrive off of the “last minute” rush that I got from waiting until the last minute to complete a task.

But let me tell ya, the older you get and the more kids you have doing things at the last minute or grinding in the midnight hours becomes less and less realistic.

You got kids to wake up, lunches to make, traffic to slay, IEP’s to conquer, and a landing page that’s been calling your name for the past week.

Raise your hand or shout out yes girl in the comments below if that last-minute living ain’t no longer working for you.

But how do you get out of it? How do you move from Last-Minute Lisa to Get it Done Denise?

Move closer to your speakers, put your headphones in and turn your volume up. In this post I’m sharing how you can slay procrastination.

how  you can end procrastination

Number One – How you can end procrastination

Having a clear plan for your day

Having a clear map for your day is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate procrastination. Having a clear idea of what needs to be done

how you can end procrastination

Number Two – How you can end procrastination

Make sure that plan isn’t task heavy

When you have 9 million things on your to-do list the natural go to is to push off the “hard” stuff or the stuff you feel is going to drain your energy. What this does is just push ish around from day to day leaving you feeling like you’re never catching up and like you’re always dropping the ball.

Having a daily action plan that minimal doesn’t mean you’re going to be lazy and fall off, it give space for life to happen and for you to add things as you have energetic space versus feeling like you’ll never catch up.

how  you can end procrastination

Number Three – How you can end procrastination

Turn it off and block it out

Take the social media apps off your phone, stop lying to yourself and saying it’s to stay connected or “run your business” take them off or block them during the hours you’ve blocked off to work. Put on some music that will motivate and dig in.


These are just a few things you can do that will help you combat procrastination and get the important ish done.

Procrastination can be managed, but you have to have a clear plan in place to help you stay focused and in flow.

Remember to end procrastination:

Have a clear plan for your day – when you know what needs to be done you’re more likely to get it done. Not being clear will keep you stuck in analysis paralysis and putting ish off until

Make sure that plan isn’t task heavy – if you have too many things “to-do” then you’re going to short circuit your brain and it’s only going to move toward the simple stuff. Packing your life in doesn’t give you space to breathe.

Turn it off and block it out – take away your procrastination go to’s create ways for you to be successful and not stressed.

Let’s keep this conversation going..share in the comments below what your largest challenge with procrastination is…

I’m listening and am here to support you toward your next best moves.

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Well girl, it’s time to take action, you can listen to YouTube vids all day to get “motivated” or you can start taking action right were you stand.

The only way to eliminate the stress and overwhelm you feel in your day is to take clear intentional action.

I’ll talk to you later girl…Bye


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