How does an entrepreneurial mom stay focused without force?

I have had so many moms tell me that if they could just stay connected to their why that they would have no problems with staying focused.  So they force themselves into staying focused and end up feeling overwhelmed and like an f up when it doesn’t work.

If you’re experiencing challenges with staying focused on what you know matters then this episode is for you.

Staying focused is one of the largest challenges I  hear from working moms becuase it feels like so much input is coming at them at once.  Many coaches tell you that if you can’t stay focused then your why isn’t strong enough leaving you to doubt your dedication to your dreams and goals.

I’m here today to show you that your why is strong enough and that you’re enough. The problem might not be your why at all but something a bit more insidious.

Listen this week as you uncover the #1 reason why your focus could be hard to come by and how you can regain that focus without force.

I’ll be outlining the steps you can take to check yourself instead of just writing off your lack of focus on your why not being strong enough.

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  • What fear has to do with your focus.
  • How to move beyond your lack of focus.
  • Why your why is strong enough.




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Hey, Hey, Hey ladies, happy Tuesday, and here is a Tuesday quick tip. I’m going to keep this quick and bite-sized, I am Charmaine Johnson – Fuller, Life Strategist with The Charmed Life. I know it’s hard to stay focused, it’s hella hard to stay focused now, there’s so much going on in the world and things just seem to be kind of going cray, cray. So I want to share with you a little story. 

So recently, as in Friday, there were some things that needed to be done for me business wise, and I couldn’t stay focused on it to save my life. So I asked myself, “what is my why?” You know, you ask yourself, is your why strong enough? Because that’s what everyone says is that if your, why is not strong enough, then you don’t follow through and you can’t keep the focus. Well, my, why was strong enough, I asked myself, “was I tired” or had I been doing too much? 

I had not been doing too much, most definitely not. What I discovered is, as I sat with myself I noticed this really interesting little pattern. And it’s this pattern that I have when I’m afraid to do something when it’s something that is pushing me outside of my comfort zone, I immediately find other shit to do. Yeah. 

And so I had to ask myself, how can I make that different? Are you finding that now to where there might be something that you’re going after and as, just as you’re about to go and do it, you’re like, no, I’m going, gonna find something else to do. And a lot of the times we beat ourselves up. You go, Oh my gosh, I should’ve got this done at the end of the day and I should have done this and I should have done then. 

Oh my gosh, I’m so horrible. I’m not keeping up with anything. When in actuality it just might be something that’s new and uncomfortable for you and you could be scared. Have you ever, like, have you ever thought about that as a point that it’s not necessarily that your why is not strong enough? 

Sure. Your why is strong enough? You really want this thing, but the thing that you need to do to get to the thing that it is that you want is a hella scary journey to go beyond that. And I personally think it has nothing to do with your, why. I think your why can be hella strong. But you can just be scared. And I was completely scared shitless to do what I needed to do.

And so what I did, and here’s the number one thing is I went into and did the thing that I was afraid of doing, and God knows I was petrified doing it because all of the thoughts start running through your head, right. Which is what makes you lose the focus. What if they don’t like me? What if it doesn’t go right? It. 

Then you just say “fuck it I’m not going to do it”. And so then you don’t do it and you go do something else and you think it has something to do with your focus when it actually has nothing to do with your focus because you have awesome, perfect focus. It’s just that the thing that you’re stepping into is scary. So if you’re finding that you are experiencing that check in with yourself, it might not be that your why is not strong enough. It might not be that you, you need to take a break. It could just be that what you’re about to step into is scary. 

So your body’s mechanism to protect you is to give you something menial and not essential to do like social media, calling a girlfriend on the phone, watching Netflix and chilling and saying, I’ll come back when it feels easier. And you think that you don’t have focus, but that’s not it at all. 

You’ve got focus. You’re just scared. And that’s okay. But acknowledge that. So I did the thing and I took my time. I allowed myself to start off on the task and it was like, Oh no, this doesn’t sound right. I can’t do this. Let me come back. And then I say, no, let’s just put it out. Let’s just do it. And it took me longer than it would take me something that I’m confident in doing, but I got it done. 

Was it totally up to my standards? No, but it got done. And in the process, it showed me and it showed my subconscious that it really wasn’t that bad and scary after all. So I want you to ask yourself that question. If you find that you are procrastinating or you’re losing focus around things that you know you’re supposed to do, are you afraid of the outcome? 

Ask yourself that question. Am I not doing this thing? Am I losing my focus? Because I am afraid of the outcome. Whether I perceive that outcome to be something good or whether I perceive that outcome to be something that really sucks. So I want you to think about that today, as you’re going through your goings ons and happenings in life, remember my Get Yo’ Life Masterclasses choose a date and time that works for you to grab your seat and to get in there. 

It’s going to show you how to use the principles that I used to get myself back together and to keep my life and balance and harmony. Remember balance is about strength. Life balance is about strength and stability and not about perfect. So thanks so much for joining me this afternoon. I hope this serves. You leave a comment. If you have any questions, comments, girl, what in the hell are you talking about? I love dialogue and like share comment, all that good stuff. And I will see you all later. Bye.


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