How to manage time is the question mom entrepreneurs have been asking for decades.  
I used to be a frenemy with time. I always felt like I didn’t have enough and that it was running away from me.   

I learned that the only way to manage my time was to manage my energy and activity.  I discovered that how I was using my time was causing me the stress and not time itself. 

Here are the 5 ways that I shave minutes sometimes hours off of my  daily action plan to get the right things done each day.  You see how to manage time should never be the question  

Tips for How to Manage Time 

how to manage time

Time Saving Tip 1:  

Plan the night before – When you plan your day the night before it allows you to start the day in action. Planning the night before set up your subconscious mind to have a point of focus so when you get up you are ready for action.   

how to manage time

Time Saving Tip 2: 

Work in sprints – Working in sprints allows you to finish task faster because you are laser focused for a short period of time. Science actually shows that working in sprints helps your brain to produce a high quality of work more consistently. (see the science below)   

how to manage time

Time Saving Tip 3:  

Create transitions – Giving yourself space when you change tasks allows your brain to breathe and catch up to the next task. If you’ve ever paid attention, have you noticed that when you task switch with no break it takes your brain some time to catch up to the new task. But when you take a pause between activities that catch up time is reduced. Transitions are going to allow you to reset and come back with more focus. Transitions just aren’t for peeps on the autism spectrum or little kids, everyone needs them to function fully. 

how to manage time 

Time Saving Tip 4:   

Eat well sleep well – when you get the right amount of sleep for your body you will be ready to get moving.  (see the science below) Plus eating foods that don’t cause sugar spikes and crashes that sustain you for long periods of time will give your day more flow and less stop and start.  

how to manage time

Time Saving Tip 5:  

Outsource and delegate – You have a team, use them. Begin to look at your family as a team and not just people you love and live with. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean all of the home based activities must fall on you. Make a list of activities you know you can delegate or outsource to make your load lighter and allow you to concentrate on what matters in your day.  

 Your How to Manage Time Recap 

how to manage time

Remember, the key to managing your time is managing your energy. Making sure that you are clear about where you want your energy to go will save your sanity.  

Being in control of you day is more than watching a clock and checking things off your to-do list. It’s about managing where you choose to spend your energy and staying focused on the big picture. 

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Over to  you  

What time saving tips do you use in your day? I would love to hear how you will use these tips to create more flow in your day.  

Until Next Time 
Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business 


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how to manage time


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