It took a lot of reprogramming to be able to balance my life. I had to understand that balance wasn’t about perfection but about stability.

If you listen to the media they will have you believe that balance is about creating this perfect environment of zen. They will tell you that it means that all things have to be equal to be right.  That couldn’t be further from the truth about life balance.

When I started on the journey to balance my life I learned a few truths along the way. I learned that:

  • Balance looks different for everyone
  • All areas of my life will most likely never be at a 10 at the same time
  • I didn’t have to try and get it all together overnight

That lessened the load for me and I hope it will for you. Adding balance to your life isn’t impossible and you get to keep your sanity in the process.

Balance my Life- The Quick version

balance my life

If you read my blog post from June 10,2019 and May 5, 2019 those will give you a good baseline to start creating balance in your life today.

In short, they will tell you

  • Know how you want to feel
  • Know how your life areas are performing
  • Know what you want from each area
  • Create a plan to get it

Creating life balance is about creating stability in each of your life areas. Once you have that stability your life will be able to move fast and stay consistent with ease.

Balance my Life – The Resources

balance my life

These are the three things that help me maintain balance in my life.  They help me to maintain a sense of calm and focus to keep life moving. Be sure to check out the resource section below to learn more about the resources I’m sharing.  

balance my life

Full focus planner – The Full Focus Planner is awesome. It’s not just about plugging in dates and times but about staying focused on your goals and the actions to create them.  The planner comes with support to help you get started and keep going with the journal.

This planner helps keep me focused and accountable. It also allows me to see my progress toward my goals which helps me pivot faster if something’s not going well.  

balance my life

Great apps – Great sleep is the fountain of life. Being aware of the quantity and quality of sleep you’re getting is game-changing. The Sleep Cycle app on iTunes helps me to monitor the sleep I get each night and my sleep quality.  

The Flo app helps me to track my menstrual cycle, to know the highs and lows of my month. The app helps me track my health and provides support to help me learn more about my overall health and wellness.

Having apps that support your lifestyle and help you track all areas of your life will help you create true balance in your life.

balance my life

Systems + Routines – Having solid morning and evening routines helps me to prep and stay focused throughout the day. Creating systems that allow me to automate or delegate tasks and projects with ease.  

 These are the three resources that help me to keep it all together.

 If you need help with getting your life areas together download my free checklist.

5 Ways to Save Time & Slay Your Day Checklist


Over to you

What resources do you need to create balance in your life?

Answer in the comments below I’d love to support you on this journey.

Until Next Time
Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business



Full Focus Planner:

Trello (For creating systems) –

Flo App –

Sleep Cycle App –



balance my life

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