Well, moms, it’s the holiday season again and it’s time to turn up the stress and overwhelm. With school concerts, excited kids, and packed stores, how does a mom entrepreneur avoid holiday burnout?

Every holiday season I used to get anxiety at the thought of all the responsibilities I had placed on my plate.

I would spend my holiday trying to enjoy my family moments while stressing about my business. I found that I wasn’t present in either situation and that was stressing smooth the hell out. I didn’t feel like I could ever catch up. I always felt behind the eight ball each holiday season.

How did I make it through this? Why am I now excited about spending time with my family during these holiday breaks?

Today I am going to share the three things I did and still do to avoid the holiday burnout. These steps help me connect with my family, business and myself during the holidays and beyond.

Let’s get to it!

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Three Steps to Avoid Holiday Burnout

Step 1: Know how you want to feel:  When you know how you want to feel you’re less likely to add stupid ish. Staying connected to how you want to feel will always allow you to serve from your highest space. 

Step 2: Systems:  Having workable systems in place will help keep life and business running smoothly. What is a system? It is is the way you do things. It’s also about having a methodical and consistent way to do those things. Having systems for your family and business lets you know what you need to complete a task. Having a system will allow your business to run itself while you spend quality time with your family.

Step 3: Have a plan: Now you might think having systems and having a plan is the same thing, they’re not. The plan is what you use to execute the systems.  This one is the most vital to your sanity and wellbeing. Most mom entrepreneurs don’t create a daily action plan for one or both of the following reasons. They either they won’t execute the plan created or, they will overschedule their day.  the plan or that they will overschedule themselves.   You must have a plan for your day and life.  Your plan must include room for life to happen and for you to recover between tasks to not feel the burnout. The burnout and overwhelm happen because we are moving from task to task with no downtime.

So that’s it! The above steps are three simple ways you can add joy to your holiday season.  Don’t try to do all the steps at once. Pick one and get a rhythm then add another. Another cause of holiday burnout and overwhelm is that we add too many new things at one time and never master any.

Over to you

Which step could you use to add some joy to your holiday schedule? Where do you feel like you need support to make it happen? I would love to hear from you in the comments below to see how I can support or serve you to your next level.

Until Next Time

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