I’m back with the fabulous 3 for this episode of Unfiltered Mom and in this episode we are talking all things sex and self – love.


If you’re ready to take a deep dive into boundary setting and do the work necessary for a healthier life, you’ll want to tune in to this episode.

We smash stigmas and explore the integral dance of emotional connections and love languages on the path to pleasure. In our candid conversation about navigating intimacy across motherhood’s diverse seasons, they champion moms’ right to reclaim their sensuality. Tune in for an empowering, unfiltered journey of embracing your body, celebrating your desires, and revelling in your radiant, sensual power.

“Sharing who you are versus giving yourself away allows you to have a deeper connection with your mate & and you can only share yourself when you know yourself. ” ~ Charmaine

In this episode of Unfiltered Mom


    • Breaking the stigma that sex is a bad thing.
  • Foreplay and establishing a connection with your partner

  • Self-love hurdles moms go through


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