I’m back with the fabulous 3 for this episode of Unfiltered Mom and in this episode we are talking fearlessly tackle the silence that burdens women.  

We courageously discuss the importance of speaking up about pain, finding a safe space, and trusting others to hold that space. We confront the weight of judgment and shame, advocating for vulnerability as a strength rather than a weakness in a patriarchal society.

It’s time to break the silence and embrace a sisterhood of acceptance and support for each other’s choices.you’re ready to take a deep dive into boundary setting and do the work necessary for a healthier life, you’ll want to tune in to this episode.

“Not sharing your truth and keeping it hidden will make you physically sick, find your safe space. ” ~ Charmaine

In this episode of Unfiltered Mom


    • Reframing vulnerability as strength
  • The effects of hidden pain on one’s mental well-being

  • Recognizing one’s worth & authenticity


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