I’m back with the fabulous 3 for this episode of Unfiltered Mom and in this episode we are talking about the challenges women face prioritizing themselves.

We delve  into the struggles of navigating different seasons of life and the constant battle between putting oneself first and the demands of motherhood, marriage, and everything else.

We highlight the significance of self-exploration and creating a strong support system that ultimately empowers women to prioritize themselves unapologetically.

So tune in if putting you first keeps going on the back burner.

“Prioritizing yourself is a journey, you’re not always going to find ‘your thing’ on the first try, you gotta be willing to keep trying. ” ~ Charmaine

In this episode of Unfiltered Mom


    • Why putting yourself first as a mom feels so hard
  • How to create a strong support system to help you get what you need

  • How to still prioritize you no matter what season of motherhood you’re in


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