In this episode of The Unfiltered Mom Podcast I’m partnering again with Elizabeth, Kenisha, & Brooke, and we’re embarking on a candid exploration of shame and its profound impact on women’s lives. 

We delve into the depths of shame’s clutches, discussing how it hinders their desires and self-forgiveness. From the weight of past actions to external judgments, they champion growth, forgiveness, and letting go of the shame that no longer serves them.

With empowering insights on recognizing one’s worth and embracing compassion, this episode uncovers the liberating path to self-acceptance and breaking free from the shackles of shame.

“There are no wrong moves or mistakes, you’re always on the path to where you need to be & the things that have happened are the pathway to that path. ” ~ Charmaine

In this episode of Unfiltered Mom


    • Finding self-forgiveness and moving forward
  • Challenging cancel culture and social media misinterpretations

  • Embracing compassion & self acceptance


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