I used to get so stressed out at the end of the year. This used to be the time of year that I would remember all of the goals I had set at the beginning of the year.  Fast forward to now and I’m excited to see a new year approach. By this time I’ve already smashed at least 90% of my goals and on target to smash the other 10%. Now I want to share goal setting 2019 resources and tools for you to use.

How did I go from not being able to focus on my goals to becoming a goal slayer?

Well it wasn’t one magic thing I’ll tell you that. So if you’re here looking for me to give you the magic 8 ball in the final hour this isn’t the post for you. It was a collection of tools, resources, and mindset shifts that got me to this point.

Here is a fabulous podcast from Michael Hyatt titled “How to Fix New Year’s Resolutions”. In it, he and his daughter Megan go over how to create actionable goals + maintaining your goal motivation throughout the year.

I would love to hear your insights from this podcast I’m sharing my takeaways at the bottom.


How to Fix New Year's Resolutions - Michael Hyatt

All of us, especially leaders, want to make positive change in our lives. But we've tried and failed many times. We'll show you why New Year's resolutions are a flawed system, and how to set achievable personal goals instead. You can avoid that sick feeling every January, and create a new habit or achievement that ...

What I Learned About Goal Setting

I loved this podcast episode (I honestly enjoy the Lead to Win Podcast), but here are the top three things I got from it.

  1. Make sure my goals are exciting.
  2. Clear the negative and celebrate the wins from the previous year.
  3. Be connected to my why because it will help keep me focused and motivated.

This podcast gave me a deeper understanding of Michael’s book (my current read) Your Best Year Ever. The podcast helped me to gain a better understanding of Micheal’s SMARTER goal setting method as well. If you want to grab the Your Best Year Ever Book or The Full Focus Planner click the images below to grab your copies today to get your new year started off right.



More Resources to Support Your Goal Setting

If you are looking for support to create some awesome goals for 2019 check out The Desire Map Planner Program from Danielle LaPorte. This program will walk you through the steps Michael and Megan talked about on the podcast. Click below to learn more about how The Desire Map Planner Program can help you reach your goals.


This program helped to bring me back to center after a major life shift. If you’re looking to find your center or get your center back you’ll want to grab this program to support your journey.

Goal Setting 2019 What’s Next

I’d love to hear what tools and or resources you plan on incorporating to help you have a charmed life in the new year. Share in the comments below I can’t wait to celebrate or support you on your journey.

Until Next Time,
Love Yourself, Love your Family, Love Your Business

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