There seems to be this trend of telling mom entrepreneurs to outsource and only stick to doing what we’re good at. In theory, just outsourcing is an awesome idea. But, many entrepreneurial mommas aren’t in the financial space to outsource yet. What mom in her right mind would willingly endure the stress of doing it all? We all want to stick to the tasks that yield the highest emotional and financial gains.

But here’s the gag most of us moms in the middle can only dream of outsourcing. Sure, we know it’s coming and that if we continue the work all we need will Here are. What are we to in this holy instant when the laundry is piled high, meals consist of taking out boxes, and we have a landing page that’s still not done?

Many coaches tell you to outsource but don’t tell you how to maintain life until you can outsource.

I’m going to share three tips that can help you maintain where you are to prepare you for where you’re going. If you’re thinking, “My life would be so much easier with a fill in the blank, allow me to tell you a little story.

My Outsource Journey + What I Know Now

So, at one time I had a housekeeper, nanny, and virtual assistant and I thought I was living the life.  What I found was that I was more stressed than ever. I know you’re thinking, how could you be stressed with a housekeeper and a nanny that cooks? Here’s how there was no long-term planning involved.  Here’s what I know for sure:

Without a plan + a system to put it into action, you will fall hard. Click To Tweet

I didn’t have any consistent systems that I operated with. Everything in my life back then was like I was always ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ in ALL areas of my life. So, when I introduced two peeps into the middle of my chaos it just made it more chaotic. Where their high points? Sure, being able to sleep in and know my kids were cared for after having a baby was priceless. But because I didn’t have systems in place that either lady could follow without me being there was more trouble than it was worth.

Here are the three things that will help you thrive while you are working toward your dreams.

  1. Workflows + systems – Workflows and systems aren’t just for business, they work wonders for your home. Get clear about what must be done in your home and business to make them run smoothly and document the process. This makes tasks easier to outsource or delegate to others.
  2. Team – Before you add more people to your team learn to communicate effectively with those already on your team aka your family. Until you learn how to build community with your current team hiring and keeping staff will be a challenge.
  3. Think Outside the Box – There are stores and sites that will create your menus, send it to the grocery store and all you do is pick it up. Find niche services that will support you. You can also pay your teens to do your social media or admin work for you. Another option? Barter and trade with another entrepreneurial mom she might be a graphics wizard. There is a way to ease the burden of running a home and business you must open try something new.

Will I ever hire staff again? Hecks yea, done right it’s freeing. Placing yourself in the position to be helped is as important as asking for help. Take some time out of your life to stop going through the motions and document what’s going on so you can share the load.

I know you’re ready to get your business and family to stop fighting over you. I know it’s no fun to feel like you’re paying attention to one but feel like you’re neglecting the other. Mom guilt is so real, but it’s time to silence the guilt and stand in your power.

Download my Get Yo’ Life Guide and learn the five ways you can begin to build your life foundation. You can create a harmonious life where all areas support the others.

Harmony is possible.


Over to you:

Which one of the thrive steps will you take on to help support you as you work toward your next? Share in the comments section below I’d love to support, serve, or celebrate you during your journey. Until Next Time, Love Yourself Love Your Family + Love your Business

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