Creating an empowered life can be challenging when you’re a stay at home mom.

I can always tell when I’ve allowed O.P.P. to infiltrate and take over my life, my week feels heavy. I feel like I’m pulling a wagon on three wheels filled with rocks. It’s normally a week high on anxiety and overwhelms, with little space for me or my desired outcomes.

Don’t get it twisted, I totally get my role as a mom, however, sometimes the gremlins in my head tell me I’m not doing enough.

So I try to overcompensate by doing it all.

That leaves me burned out and overwhelmed

So how do I create a kick-ass day (at least 85% of the time)?

Today I’m taking you behind the magic curtain and sharing how I create my day and keep it flowing

Creating an empowered life your way

The five steps I used to make sure that I am creating a day that feels good and accomplishes my desired outcomes.

  1. Affirm – Each morning I read and write my affirmations and how I want to feel. I make sure they are in my planner and planning software.
  2. Outcomes – Each morning before I power up my devices I get clear on the desired outcomes for that day.
  3. Purpose – After I write out my daily outcome, I make sure I’m clear on my purpose for the day. This helps me to stay focused and grounded throughout the day.
  4. Gratitude – Gratitude keeps me grounded. Saying what I’m grateful for keeps me focused on getting more things I’m grateful for.
  5. Confirm – Throughout the day I stay on top of my daily action plan by checking on my progress. I also confirm my schedule the night before and the morning of. This ensures that I have the energetic bandwidth to do all that’s on my list.

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Over to You

How could you add more power to your day? Share in the comments below which step you’ll be adding to your daily ritual to create a day that feels more in your control.

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