Working from home is one huge distraction, especially if you have kids around. There are so many shiny objects coming at you that focusing on your major daily outcomes can be a challenge. How does a work from home momma eliminate distractions in her day?

Before I jump into this post I want to ask you a few questions to get your brain moving.

  • How often do you get distracted each day?
  • What is the thing that distracts you the most?
  • Why do you think you continue to get distracted by the same thing?
eliminate distractions
Well, as you’re thinking I’m gonna throw a few things out to you. At the end of this post tell me what you think, I’d love to hear if I hit the right spot.
eliminate distractions

I used to get sucked into the Facebook feed vortex and the YouTube binge watch. I would always start off saying the same thing, “I’m just going to chat with my BFF for 30 minutes.”

Next thing I know my alarm is going off to pick up my kids. Meaning I totally blew off the tasks I said were import to me.  I then go into a mad mental dash to try and figure out ways to complete the work later in the day. Then that rarely happens because by 9 pm I’m tired and ready for bed.

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I would allow this cycle to continue until my deadlines became so tight I could no longer put them off. This would add more stress to my life and cause me to put out work I wasn’t totally proud of.

Mastering Your Emotions to Eliminate Distractions

1.  Emotional Mastery

Emotional Mastery is all about getting clear about how you want your day to feel. Getting in touch with your feelings will keep you from adding crazy ish to your day. Do you know how you want your day to feel? Remember this is about high quality.  Not vegging out on the sofa binging on Netflix.

If you don’t know how you want your day to feel or aren’t sure, don’t worry I got you. Here is a quick 3-step assessment to help you gain emotional mastery. These three questions will help you assess how your feeling and re-group if necessary.

  1. What are the 3 ways you want to feel at the end of the day?
  2. Are the tasks on your daily action planner taking you closer or further away from those feelings?
  3. Are there any adjustments you need to make?  

Getting clear on how I want to feel in my day helps me to focus. Dig deeper into emotional mastery. I recommend the book The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte as well as her Desire Map planner. The book will help you determine your core desired feelings. The planner will help you stay in touch with those feelings to create the life you desire.


eliminate distractions

Using Goals to Eliminate Distractions

2. Goal Mastery

Having a direct vision of where you want to go with your family and business is the master key to success. But, how do you know if your goals are clear and taking you in the right direction? Here’s a quick assessment to see if your goals are your goals.

Ask yourself:

  1.  Is this goal taking you closer to a core desired feeling?
  2. Have I created a plan and deadline for this goal?
  3. Is this goal supporting my life and the life of those around me? 

If you find that you are unclear about one or more of those questions you need to go back and get clear. The best resource I have used for this process has been Tony Robbins Time of Your Life Course. The books The Desire Map and Your Best Year Ever are also great resources for goal setting.

eliminate distractions

How to Eliminate Distractions with Purpose

3. Eliminate Distractions

Knowing the why behind your goal keeps you connected. Create a purpose statement to keep around. This affirmation will help you remember why you are working on the thing you are working on. A purpose statement can be as simple or as intense as you desire.

A purpose statement helps you create an emotional connection to the work you’re doing. Something about knowing that a task is bigger than you will give you the moxie to stay focused and keep moving. Working toward something without knowing why allows you to get distracted faster. When your purpose is greater than yourself you’ll always win.  

eliminate distractions

Getting Clear About Distractions

Distractions come around for a variety of reasons. Many coaches and mentors will tell you that you get distracted when your “why” isn’t strong enough. Now, that can be true, however, it isn’t always the full story.

I have found that distractions normally serve two purposes. Distractions either tell you that you’re going in too hard and to pull back and breathe. Or distractions are telling you that there is a paradigm you need to handle.

How do you know which story is true for you? You know by the questions you ask yourself.

4. Distraction Mastery

What are the shiny objects that keep you stuck in your day? Knowing what those things are and being clear about how they affect you is the key to freedom.

In order to get clear on your distractions ask yourself three questions.

  1. Where does my attention go when I don’t wanna do a task?
  2. Who or what disrupts me the most and why?
  3. Why do I think I continue to sabotage myself? 

Getting clear on what ails you allows you to create a plan to navigate through the distractions. Getting mad at yourself or trying to push through a task doesn’t make it better. Trust me.

In my book From Busy to Balalnced, I describe in detail how you can eliminate distractions in detail. I also teach you how to maximize this entire system to balance work and family life.

How to Create a Daily Schedule to Eliminate Distractions

5. Planning Mastery

Creating a daily action plan for each day keeps you focused on your goals.  Your daily action plan makes sure you focus on the quality and not quantity of your tasks.  When you add the tasks that are taking you closer to your goals and are supporting life, you get a richer day.  Planners are for the tasks you need accountability for. Filler task might make you feel good, but they are not productive or fulfilling.

Making sure your daily action plan has these three items will help you create a fulfilling day.

  1. Three things that will take you closer to your goals.
  2. Your core desired feelings at the top of your planner.
  3. How you are adding self-care to your day.    

You can use a notebook or you can buy a fancy planner, it’s not the tool that keeps you together, it’s the mindset. Once you have a clear plan for your day and life it’s going to be easier to eliminate distractions in your day.

What’s Next for You?

Using these 5 methods will help you stay focused and clear on what you desire in your life. This keeps distractions and other noise in your head from taking you off the path.

If you’re ready to eliminate distractions and keep your life on track, I got you. Fill out the form below to download my FREE Get Yo’ Life Guide. Enter your name and email address in the form below.

Before You Go

I’d love to hear how you eliminate distractions. Or if you’re not crushing distractions, I’d love to hear the one that trips you up the most. I’d love to help you process why you’re distracted and create a goal to help you get unhooked.

Check out my YouTube video on distractions.  I share more tips and resources to help you eliminate distractions for a more productive day.

Until Next Time
Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business

eliminate distractions

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