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I used to HATE my schedule, it felt like a long list of ish I had to do. Everything on my list felt like a “got to” even the stuff for my business felt like an obligation. That caused me hella stress and overwhelm, I found myself procrastinating big time. It was super easy for distractions to catch me because I was in no way attached to the tasks I had so carefully planned. You see, I was burned out and overwhelmed not because I didn’t have a plan but because I wasn’t connected to the plan. Everything on my list was a Hodge podge of things I thought would make me a good mom or coach. I spent my days being driven by what I call S.O.S. (shiny object syndrome) and the three-alarm blazes around every corner.

Does this sound like your life? If so read on I got what you need to give you ease.

Now that 2018 is in full swing how are you feeling about the day to day operations of your life? Does looking at your schedule excite you or cause you to stop breathing at the sheer number of tasks? Does your schedule excite you or overwhelm you?

However, you feel about your daily action plan I want to help you make it even juicier. If you ain’t digging your day there is a way to make it better. Stick with me and learn how to create a day that flows and gets epic shit done.

It’s Time to Eliminate Your Schedule Burnout Now

How does an entrepreneurial mom with a full life create a life that energizes versus drains?

Lean in girl cuz I’m going to share the five foundations that I used to create a juicy empowered life.

  1. Get clear. Get clear about how you want to feel in your everyday life. Ask yourself questions like, What does living from my A game feel like? How do I show up in life when I feel my best?
  1. Get clear about what you want in all areas of your life. If you don’t have clear intentions for your life experience the world will fill it in for you.
  1. Get clear about your purpose. Discover why you are even doing the things you do, without purpose you will find distraction easy.
  1. Get clear about what your distractions are. What shiny object do you need to let go of? What are things you do that are keeping you from living your best life now?
  1. Get a plan – Without a plan, the people perish ~ The Bible

Create a roadmap for your life each day, don’t step into a day without knowing what’s going on. Trying to find that next thing to do breeds confusion and wastes time and energy.

Show yourself grace, love, and mercy in this process. Your life didn’t turn messy overnight, remember it’s the small consistent steps that will give you the huge shifts you desire.

I know you’re ready to get your business and family to stop fighting over you. I know it’s no fun to feel like you’re paying attention to one but feel like you’re neglecting the other. Mom guilt is so real, but it’s time to silence the guilt and stand in your power.

Download my Get Yo’ Life Guide and learn the five ways you can begin to build your life foundation. You can create a harmonious life where all areas support the others.

Harmony is possible.

Over to you:

Share in the comments below, “Which foundation do you feel will give you the most relief in this present moment?” I would love to hear how I can support, celebrate, or serve you to your next level.

Until Next Time
Love Yourself, Love Your Family, + Love Your Business


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