As moms knowing how we want to feel and then feeling that way always feel like two impossible dreams. From day to day we are normally attending to and supporting the needs and feelings of others while squashing our own.

In today’s video, I’m sharing how you can begin to discover what your Foundational Feelings are and how you can begin to incorporate them into your daily life. 

In today’s video you will learn:

  • What your Foundational Feelings are + what they are not.
  • How to create your Foundational Feelings
  • How to incorporate your Foundational Feelings into your daily life
  • How you can use your feelings to help you create days that feel good + get stuff done




Creating Clarity with Feelings Breakdown

As you’ve learned in the above video knowing how you want to feel each day allows you to create a foundation for your day. So when life gets crazy and you can’t find your bearings you can always center your life again using your foundational feelings.

Remember everything you do or want to do each day is, at its core supported by how you want to feel whether you admit it or not.

Here’s how you can get to your foundational feelings.

  • Write out the top three areas you’re working on in your life right now
  • Write out the three – five ways you want to feel in each life area
  • Narrow it down to the top three feelings that power up your soul

That’s it! Easy breezy

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Let Me Know

How are you going to start adding your foundational feelings to your day? Let me know your answer below I would love to see how I can celebrate, support, or serve you. If you’re a mompreneur (or a mom period) +  want more, fly on over to my Facebook Time Benders Group to join the party!

Love, Hugs, + Hella Cool Plans


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