Creating a working schedule for your business isn’t as hard as you think. I spent over five years over thinking this process and only ended up stressed out and anxious. So today I’m hoping that I can spare you some of that overwhelm and anxiety and share my top five tips for creating a daily working schedule for your home based business.  Creating a schedule for a home-based business shouldn’t be stressful at all.

I’m pretty sure that whether you’re selling essential oils or creating graphics this post will help you create a work schedule you love and helps you be hella productive. This process can be especially difficult for you if you’ve ever worked in the corporate environment.

I hope this blog helps you look at creating your schedules in a more fluid and fulfilling way.

It’s time that you created a work schedule that flows with your family versus fights it.

Let’s get started!


creating a schedule


Creating a Schedule that Works for YOU

 1. One Calendar to Rule Them All

The first step to creating a schedule is taking a look at all your calendars. Until you know what’s going on in all of your life areas you won’t be able to create an effective schedule.

I have one calendar that I can go to to get all my info. I have multiple calendars that I am responsible for, however, I funnel them all into one Google Calendar.

The step of viewing your entire calendar will ensure that you’re not double booking or packing your schedule in too tight. Doing this first will give you the necessary baseline to make an informed decision about your work schedule.

 creating a schedule

2. Review Your Projects

Once you know what’s going on in your house and business for the upcoming week now it’s time to see how your upcoming projects will fit into the mix.  

Review your Big 3 for the week and begin to break down the steps necessary to make them happen.

If you are wondering, “What is my Big 3?” Your Big 3 are the top three projects that you’re working on that are taking you closer to a goal.

 creating a schedule

3. Block it Out

Now that you know what’s going on in your home and you are clear about your projects for the week you will block out the hours that you are working each day. Remember this doesn’t have to be the same time each day nor does it have to be a Monday – Friday schedule.

This is all about you and how this works for your family. Take your action steps from your Big 3 and begin to plug them into your work hours schedule.

To make this process easier, for each action step place an estimated time to complete that step. That way when you are creating your schedules you can have a good idea on how many hours you need to set aside. This will also help you to see which actions steps can be done or started on what days based on the time available.

Often times we spend more time working on and in our business than necessary because the structure isn’t there.

creating a schedule 

4. Create Space for Play

Make sure to leave space for life to happen. Don’t pack in every empty moment with activity.

After you schedule your working hours into your calendar make sure that you have transition space between activities, even your business tasks.

Transition space will allow you to regroup your focus and clarity so that you can move on to the next task ready to go. Transition space can be as simple as a 5-minute meditation or 30 minutes playing with your kids.

Here’s what transition space isn’t, transition space isn’t doing chores or other tasks. Transition space is a rest period for your brain.

Until they become a part of your habit you must schedule them in or they won’t get done.


creating a schedule

5. Communicate with Your Tribe

Once you have all of these pieces together it’s time to communicate with your family what to expect. Don’t expect your family to assume that just because you’re on your computer or talking into your camera that you’re working.

Being aware of your working hours will allow your family to support you fully. I communicate my work hours each week in our family meetings. For my youngest, I talk to him daily to let him know when mommy is “in the zone”. I use visual reminders just as signs and calendar reminders to let my family know what’s going on.


creating a schedule

Parting Thought on Work Schedules

Remember that you don’t and most likely won’t have the same schedule each and every week.

Don’t pack in your schedule with activities leave space for life to happen this will keep you from getting overwhelmed

Pull everything to one calendar for viewing, this keeps you from being overbooked and overwhelmed.

Communicate with your family on a regular basis about your schedule. This keeps down anger, frustration, and feelings of mom guilt.

Leave space for transitioning, this will help you stay focused and reduce your stress.

Create room for fun, if your schedule is all work you’re going to dump it quickly. Make sure you’re rewarding yourself with something fun each day.

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Over to You

I would love to know, do you know have the tools to create a work schedule that supports your home and business?  Share in the comments below how you plan to start using these steps to creating a schedule that works for you.

Until Next Time

Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business

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