It’s not easy creating a schedule when your time isn’t the only time you have to account for. That’s the challenge for work from home mommas. When it feels like you’re creating a schedule for everyone but you, it gets overwhelming.

Today I’m going to share with you how I took control back of my day. Every day isn’t perfect and sometimes I don’t follow my own advice. But that’s the nature of life. Your goals is to aim for 80/20. If you slay your day 80% of the time then you will most definitely feel more empowered in your day.

Just a bit of back story

Like you I had more to do than time to do it in and I was hella stressed. I either felt like I was ignoring my family to run my business or vice versa. So because my day was overrun by O.P.P (Other People’s Priorities) I ended most of my days feeling disappointed, exhausted, and stressed.

I knew there had to be a better way to exist. I mean weren’t there boss moms that where slaying their business and not overwhelmed every day?

creating a schedule


Creating a Schedule How I Do It

I create my daily action plan (DAP) the night before, that way when I wake up I can hit the ground running. I created this method by mixing together the best parts from other course I’ve taken. None of this is new just modified to fit the life of a mom.

You can also grab my Save Time & Slay Your Day download to get you started. It makes no sense to get all this great info and not be able to put it in action.

creating a schedule

Creating a Schedule: Step 1

Check Your Family First

Other coaches rarely have you start here with your family needs. They always have you pull about what needs to be done in your business. But us mammas know that if we don’t think about home, it will always force itself into our lives.

I had to learn the Family First lesson the hard way. When I tried scheduling business without regard to my family needs I crashed and burned.

In this step you are going to write out all the activities that are going on in your family for that week. Make sure you notate the dates and times of each event.

creating a schedule

Creating a Schedule: Step 2

Review your biz tasks

What needs to get done in your business this week to move you forward?

creating a schedule

Creating a Schedule: Step 3

Create business hours 

Remember you’re an entrepreneur you don’t have to work the traditional 9-5. Your working hours can be whatever fits into  your lifestyle.  Make sure you leave enough space to transition between family and business. If you try to jump from one to the other with no transition time you will be stress and not present in either one.

creating a schedule

Creating a Schedule: Step 4

Choose the three actions you are taking

From the list of business tasks in step two, choose three actions. These are actions that you know will move the business needle forward.

creating a schedule

Creating a Schedule: Step 5

Create your DAP

Your DAP is your Daily Action Plan aka your daily to-do list. Before plugging activities in be clear about your on days, your off days and your prep days. 

On days – Days that you are grinding and doing the most action. These are you most focused days

Off days – Are just what they sound like days that you are going to unplug. These could be family fun days or spa days or tv veg days. You get to pick

Prep days – These days are the days that you re-evaluate and assess your week. This is where you take time to plan for the next week based off of the actions of the prior week.

Also, ladies don’t forget to take your moon cycles into account. I know the week before my cycle to make my work load light because my brain and body are drained.


Download the  Save Time & Slay Your Day action guide and start putting these principles in action.



Over to you 

How do you plan on using these steps in your daily life? 

Put your answer in the comments believe I would love to see how I can support, celebrate, or serve you.

If you are already using these steps please share also, this is a vast community of mommas and you never know who you could help. 

Until Next Time,
Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business

P.S. Here are some additional resources to help you out:

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