Creating a day that flows like water may feel like an out of reach dream.  I knew that creating days that felt good and took me closer to my desired outcomes were possible. I just needed to figure it out and make it work for my life.

As I studied, I discovered one reoccurring theme. It’s not the planner that’s going to save you but the system you use that makes the difference. I also learned that no matter the system you choose as your life shifts your system will need to shift. My daily action plan is a mixture of a few systems from some of my favorite teachers, Jack Canfield, Jennifer Kem, Tony Robbins, Danielle LaPorte, and Kimberly Jimenez. So you see I haven’t re-created the wheel, I’ve modified it to work for mompreneurs like me. We are busy mompreneurs that are a bit analytical and love to have a workable plan for our day.

This week’s video will share the system I use to create my daily action plan. I will give you an inside peek into my world and how I keep it spinning.

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The Steps to Creating a Daily Action Plan System

Here is the system I use to create a daily plan that works for my life. You see it’s not a particular planner that I use. It’s certain steps when followed you can use with any planner and any stage of your life and business.

To create a daily action plan that rocks in five simple steps

Step 1 – Write out your foundational feelings

Step 2 – Write out the outcomes that you desire to accomplish for the day

Step 3 – Write out he actions steps that you will make for each outcome.

Step 4 – Next to each outcome, write out the purpose of that outcome

Step 5 – Now schedule it.  Be sure to use time blocking to keep your foundational feelings and purpose at the front of your mind. If the outcomes you have planned leave you feeling stress or anxious, switch them around or remove the ones that aren’t vital to your success.

Remember, creating a daily action plan is fluid and flexible. This is why you don’t pack a day in with activities because life will always happen. Be sure to leave room for fun and self-care throughout your day.

If you’re ready to put these steps into action, get started for free by joining my Facebook Community let’s connect to help you reclaim your time, stop the overwhelm and eliminate the distractions in your day. Let’s talk about what’s holding you back in your business and get some solutions that work. 

Over to You

Share in the comments section below how your systems are working for you and if you need to upgrade them? I’d love to hear how I can serve, support, or celebrate you.

Until  Next Time You Powerful Creator

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