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Are You Committed to Ending Your Schedule Overwhelm?

When you want to put out a grease fire, you use baking soda, not water. That’s exactly what happens in my Unload Overwhelm & Get Yo’ Life Coaching Program.

You get rid of the ish that is adding overwhelm in a way that aligns with your life and what you are creating.

Being an entrepreneur mom of color  is already a challenge but because you’re a high achiever you decided to take this journey while being a wife and parenting a child with special needs. 

There are a LOT of coaches and gurus telling you how easy it is to create flow and integrate your life.

But I’m going to be honest with you, the mechanics is easy, it’s your mindset that’s keeping you stuck.

It’s no fun to feel like you’re always playing catch up in a game where it feels like the chips are stacked against you.

Not only are you handling your internal family life, but you are caring for or supporting other members of your family.

Whether you’re the oldest or the most responsible your ENTIRE family looks to you for support, hope, and love.

You do have ALL  the time you need to create flow in your life.

I get it, being an African- American mom to little Black and Brown babies already has you on high alert.

There never feels like there is enough time or energy to pull back and get things straight, but there is. 

Working with me you will learn how to step into your power and trust yourself, your team and the God you serve.

Your life is going to open up in ways you thought weren’t available to “people like us”

Right now you might be giving me the side eye, but what would your life FEEL like if flow where possible?


  • How would your life look and feel in 5 years if it had constant order?
  • How would your life look in feel in 2 years if you weren’t always putting out grease fires with water?
  • How would your life look and feel like in 6 months if you could get your family on the same team to support you like you support them?

If those questions don’t get your mind going, then think about this. What will your life look like 6months, 2 years, or 5 years from now if you kept it just the same?

Having the right coach on your side is like having a fairy god mother. Except your carriage doesn’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Instead your life thrives year after year no matter what life throws your way.

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