As this year winds down to a close it’s hella easy to get caught up on what you need to do. Everyone is screaming, get this book, get that planner, do this ritual so I know the overwhelm is real.

I want to make my blogs for the rest of the year easy reading with quick bite sized tips that will help you make some fast shifts.

Clarity is Queen, without it you won’t have order and order is Heaven’s first law. How does an entrepreneurial mom create order when everything around her is vying for her attention? How can you even get clear when there doesn’t seem to be a  moment to do so?

I’m sharing the three areas you need to have clarity in and how you can achieve it. 


Where Clarity Matter Most – Top 3 Areas of Clarity

I make sure that I’m clear about these three things daily. The days where one or all of them aren’t clear I find myself running around like a mad woman. Putting out fires and feeling like nothing is really getting completely solved. 

These three areas are going to be a part of your balance foundation because they are going to keep you engaged and focused. 

So here we go..


🎯 Area One – Feelings 

You need to be clear about how you want to feel. Sure this sounds light and airy but it ain’t . Feeling is everything because everything you do is to feel a certain way. To get the rundown on how to get clear about your feelings check out the resources below.

How do you know you have clarity about feelings?

Clarity around how you want to feel leads you to seek out more high quality activities. Activities that will lead you toward those feelings, you’ll no longer be interested in taking on things just because someone asked. 

🎯 Area Two – Goals

Clarity around your goals is the vehicle that will take you to your goals faster. Making sure that your goals are written in a way that is clear and focused. Anyone should be able to pick up your goal card and know exactly what it is you’re working toward.

Having this level of clarity around your goals is going to allow you to pivot faster when life happens because you’ll always know what your next is. 

How do you know if your goals are clear?

When you’re able to create a clear set of daily actions around your goal. Also, when you’re able to pivot amidst life’s challenges with ease, will show that your goal is clear. With a clear goal you are able to make decisions faster because you know where you’re going. 

🎯 Area Three – Purpose

When you have clarity on why you’re working toward a goal or you want to feel a certain way you have more skin in the game. You’re why is the connector that gives you the fuel to keep focused.

How do you know if you’re clear about your purpose?

When you’re clear about why you’re working on a task that’s when you’re clear about your purpose. The task feels right, there is a flow to your activity, there is a spring in your step. Purpose gives you power.  When you are clear about your purpose you feel empowered in each task you do. 


Clarity – Let me Help You Get Some

It’s time to create a solid foundation in your life and you know it. It’s always been in the back of your mind getting drowned out by all the external ish that was driving your schedule.

It’s your time now. It’s your time to create a sense of flow and ease in your life that feels good.

Join my Get Yo’ Life Squad, 


Over to You

✔️ How do you create clarity in your life now?

✔️ What things are you doing currently to add clarity and order in your life?

Share what’s up in the comments below, I love learning from my peeps and I love supporting their growth.

Until Next Time

Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Love Your Business 


Creating your Foundational Feelings



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