I love my business and adore my family. There was a time when I felt like I couldn’t win. It felt like I wasn’t spending enough time in my business or it felt like I wasn’t spending enough time with my family. You know that feeling when it feels like you’re being pulled and stretched like a rag doll. 

I tried everything  I knew to get it together because I was falling hard. I seriously considered quitting my business, because nothing seemed to work. I tried calendars, classes, hell anything that I thought would help me master my home and business. What I found is that It’s not the planner alone that helps me master my time. 

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The business productivity tools that saved my sanity 

I am a problem solver by nature; I know that if something was not going how I like there has got to be an answer to make it better.  As I share these business productivity tools, remember to use what works for you. Pick out and explore what you think would make a difference in your life and business.  

  1. Coach/Mentor – Having a coach and mentor is going to be your saving grace. Free groups are OK, masterminds and having accountability is your next level. If you’ve been putting off hiring a coach or jumping into a paid mastermind take the plunge to find a space that works for you. Having that accountability is what kept me moving forward in the right direction. 
  2. The Art of Reduction – Are you a member of Team Too Much? I bet you are.  The largest productivity boost for me was to reduce everything down to its simplest form. That allowed me to rebuild a stronger base. When I was able to see my weak spots, it allowed me to rebuild an entirely different business. I know a lot of spaces say focus on your strengths. But, sometimes you need to acknowledge your weaknesses and give them a stronger base. It’s not saying to become an expert in landing pages or email automation.  You might find that you need two days to build your landing page versus the 2 hours you planned. Reducing doesn’t mean you’re stopping or giving up. 
  3. Batching – How many content calendars have you created that never got fully executed?  I’ve had plenty.  What saved me from the content calendar abyss?Creating actionable steps around my content calendar tasks. I know that setting a calendar for your next 90 business days is daunting. How to execute everything in time for it to post was my kryptonite. What I learned with batching is that I had to break it up into sections for it to be effective. Trying to create my graphics, copy and schedule it all in one day or two days was a bit unrealistic for my life.  

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Over to You 

Which one of these business productivity tools will you add in your life? In the comments below let me know what tools stand out to you, or share which ones you are already using. Share your answer below I’d love to hear how I can serve, support, or celebrate you. 

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