I don’t tell other moms what to do often, but when I do it’s really juicy. This is one of those times. I must share the five podcasts that I have on my iPodcasts, these podcasts have given me laughs, inspiration, motivation, and knowledge.

I think listening to podcasts or some form of training daily will be the difference between you reaching your own brand of success in your life and business, or you always striving and trying to play catch up.

I truly believe:

So, let’s get down to business:

Self-Care with Gracy

This is a wonderful podcast that looks at self-care for moms from a holistic point of view and not just a nap or spa day.

The Business Lounge Podcast with Kimberly Jimenez

This is all things business, great for the beginner or the expert. Kimberly provides quick and implementable tips in each podcast.

The Charged Life with Brendon Burchard

This dude is awesome. This podcast will help you to stay focused on where you going and giving you tools to uplevel your life.

The Naptime Empires with Nikki Elledge Brown

This is the mompreneur god-send podcast. She touches on all points that we as mom entrepreneurs go through with resources and support. She also has some awesome guests that she’s interviewing. You don’t wanna miss out on this podcast.

The Tony Robbins Podcast

This podcast is what you would expect from Tony plus some. He not only shares his knowledge but he pulls some of his high powered friends for the ride.

The Mind Your Business Podcast

James Wedmore is awesome, this podcast touches on all facets of business with actionable tips.

Podcasts are great to listen to while you’re creating blog posts or cleaning the house. It’s a fun way to get some free coaching from some of the best in their industry.

Unlike videos, podcasts can be consumed anywhere you have a device with access plus they are easy to consume and learn.

Let Me Know:

Share in the comments below: What are some of your favorite podcast and which one of the above are you going to give a try?

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Until Next Time

P.S. You can find all of these awesome podcasts in iTunes!

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